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Business Insurance or Commercial Insurance as it’s commonly referred to can protect your business against the many types of losses that may occur at your premises due to events such as fire, storm damage, flood or theft, which is ideal where your business relies on its premises to operate. For businesses that spend most, or all of their time on-site or at different locations, liability insurance cover is an essential part of any business’s defense. Insurance is available for almost any eventuality, whatever your business.

At Real Insurance, we only deal with businesses. Speak to us about a new quote, or a complete portfolio review, we are here to help you through that sometimes difficult journey to get exactly the business insurance cover you need.

Importantly we are not a call center; we can provide genuine advice about your business insurance requirements and help you to get the correct policy for your business, we don’t leave you hoping you have got it right.

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Business Insurance for Every Business – Whatever you Do


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What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is something of an umbrella term. Insurance for business is typically made up of many distinct covers, drawn together to protect the business from its particular exposures.

The thing is, no two businesses are the same. The ‘perfect business insurance policy’ for one could be useless for another. At Real Insurance, we put our clients’ needs right at the top of the priority list. That is why thousands of business owners like you, trust Real Insurance when it comes to buying their business insurance.

What is covered by a Business Insurance policy?

There are many different types of business insurance policies, some very specific to a trade or an industry sector, all are based on the individual requirements, and it is important to ensure that the insurance policy you are purchasing for your business accurately reflects the business’s individual requirements.

Buying a shop insurance policy would be rather pointless if you repair cars for instance, similarly, a manufacturer’s insurance policy would be worthless to a construction company whose work takes place on a building site. Insurance policies for business come in all shapes and sizes, commercial package insurance policies bring together a wide list of protections, it’s only the variable parts that apply to each individual business.

For larger businesses or where specific cover is required a bespoke type of policy is more suitable, you only want to pay for the protection you’ll be using, after all.

Our job as business insurance brokers is to help you understand what covers you need to have, what cover is required by law for instance and what you may require as a result of contractual arrangements with clients or suppliers, also what else you should consider protecting the significant investments you’ll no doubt have made in your business.

What is covered by a small Business Insurance policy?

Business Package Insurance Policies are ideal for smaller business such as shops where they encompass a full range of insurance protections for Buildings, the fixtures, and fittings, sales counters, point of sale equipment as well as stock. If you suffer a loss at the premises such as fire, flooding, or storm damage insurance is there to ensure that you are trading again as soon as possible.

Business interruption is there to keep your business “in business” should the worst happen, keeping your business afloat whilst repairs or rebuilding is required.

Liability insurance comes as standard in a business package policy, it provides many covers your business needs, Public & Products Liability as well as Employers Liability which if you employ people is a legal requirement and depending on your business type, specific additional covers are available on a business insurance policy, Frozen Foods, Loss of Alcohol License and even working away from the premises such as catering or fitting.

Small Medium Enterprise – SME Insurance

For the larger business, insurance usually comes in the form of what’s referred to as a Commercial Combined Insurance policy. This type of policy enables your insurance to be totally scalable as well as very bespoke to your needs, it is ideal for businesses that require a wide range of insurance protection. A commercial combined insurance policy is ideal for small to medium enterprises or SME’s as they are known, it covers most of the insurance requirements within one policy.

Talk to a member of our Mansfield based Specialist Business Insurance Brokers today.

Corporate Business Insurance

For the much larger business insurance is based around a bespoke program of covers designed to meet the insurance requirements across all aspects of the business.

There is no off the shelf policy that covers everything required due to the diverse needs whether that is large or multi-location premises.

Business Interruption that protects the business against losses in gross profit following a loss, to overseas suppliers being unable to supply probably due to a fire. Supplier of the Supplier extensions where your supplier is reliant on their supplier of parts such as specialist components in the electronics sector.

There are as many insurers as there are different types of business insurance products. At Real Insurance we access many of the UK’s leading insurers for you, we only deal with insurers that are A-Rated or they are at Lloyds of London, we avoid insurers that are not UK based or not tried and tested to our satisfaction in the UK market.

There are so many different types of protection available for your business, whether a micro, SME, or larger corporate entity, speak to us about the best ways to protect your business.

  • Property Damage – Protecting your business assets such as buildings, plant, machinery, computers, and stock.

  • Business Interruption – The intention is to get you back to the position you were in directly before there was a loss at the business premises. This protection is two-pronged, firstly to keep the business going whilst the premises are rebuilt and then once operating to continue to pay until you are back to the position directly before it happened, subject to the indemnity period provided under the policy.

  • Goods in Transit Insurance – Covering your goods whilst moving them from A to B.

  • Marine Insurance – Protecting your goods, wherever they are in the world.

  • Public Liability – Provides the business with protections against claims from the public for loss, damage, or injury, providing defense costs as well as compensatory payments should you be held responsible.

  • Product Liability – Protecting your business should a manufactured product cause loss or injury, or damage.

  • Employers Liability – This cover is required by law, it protects your business against the costs of litigation should an employee make a claim for injury whilst working for you.

  • Professional Indemnity – Specialist insurance to protect the business against claims for breach of professional negligence. Incorrect advice provided covers many trades such as computer consultants, architects, solicitors, and for the construction sector specialist policies called Design & Construct Professional Indemnity.

  • Legal Expenses – A valuable insurance policy providing legal expenses cover for Employment Disputes, Disputes with HMRC, and contract disputes protection.

  • Management Risks Insurance – A limited company has limited liability, directors of a limited company can be personally held liable for committing a wrongful act putting their personal assets at risk.

Why arrange your business insurance through Real Insurance?

Real Insurance Brokers have many years of experience helping our business clients find the cover they need at a price they can afford. Not only do we take the time to understand your business and its unique position, we have longstanding working relationships with insurers all over the UK (and beyond), so we can offer you cover options that many others simply can’t. We’ll advise you on what we see your chief risks are, and how you can adequately protect yourself against anything that fate, your customers, your employees or the market in general can throw at you.

In the end you get more than just ‘the right’ business insurance cover. You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the support of an established, specialist insurance broker.

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