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What is painting contractors insurance?

If you own or manage a painting and decorating business and employ people to work for you, it’s highly recommended you take out painting contractors insurance. At Real Insurance, we can tailor a policy that fits with your particular business needs, and there is a whole range of considerations and cover types that may be required:

  • Get the correct level of Public Liability insurance and satisfy the requirements of the main contractor or client.
  • Get the right level of Employers Liability insurance. If you have staff, even if only casual or part time, you must have cover in place.
  • Being a painting and decorating contractor presents some unique risks. Both indoors and out, you could be working with heat stripping equipment, or needing to use scaffolding or ladders for work at height.
  • Protect all of the assets of your business on a single, easy to administer policy. We can provide cover for everything you need, from office equipment to tools and stock.
  • Access flexible cover for your business vehicles. You may have one or more vans and a number of employees who need flexible access to get behind the wheel. We can help.

The good news is you can tailor your painting contractors insurance to exactly suit your needs. Arranging the right cover for your decorating business needn’t be hard work. Speak with one of our advisors today.

What insurance cover is required by law for painting and decorating contractors?

Here at Real Insurance, we understand that finding the ideal combination of insurance cover for your painting business can be a bit of a minefield. Not all covers are required by law, but they are likely to be a condition of your contract with the main contractor or client.

Public liability insurance

Public Liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but may well be something that you need to get on site as a condition of your contract with the client. It’s also well worth having because it protects you from costs in the event that ca claim is made against your business by a member of the public that they have suffered a loss or injury as a consequence of your work. It’s also worth remembering that public liability insurance shows you in a good light to clients. It indicates professionalism and can offer peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, then costs could be recouped. Accidents can and do happen so why leave it to chance?

Employers’ liability insurance

This type of cover is needed if you are directly employing one or more painters/decorators, or if there are people working for you whose safety you’re responsible for – it could be a part time, cash in hand labourer. If anyone is hurt whilst working for your business, it’s vital you’re sufficiently protected to avoid the consequences of being sued.

Business vehicle insurance

As a painting and decorating business you’re very likely to have work vans you and your employees drive regularly. Also known as commercial vehicle insurance, business vehicle insurance will protect you for this.

It’s easy to assume that standard personal vehicle insurance will cover work use too but this isn’t in fact true. Business vehicle insurance offers extra cover if you travel between different locations for work, if other employees use your vehicle, or if you use a van for work purposes. Without this, you won’t be covered for any injury or loss – and you’d be driving illegally too.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance will protect you against the financial burden of not being able to run your painting business due to unforeseen circumstances. If your income and profit is affected, good business interruption insurance will reimburse you for money lost.

Personal Accident Insurance

If you are the owner / manager of a painting and decorating contractors’ business, it’s likely that you’ll personally be undertaking a lot of the work. What would happen if you suffered and injury that meant you were unable to carry out your work? Personal accident cover can protect you from financial problems, should this happen.

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