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Insurance for drinks manufacturers and distributors

Whether you manufacture the next range of must have trendy drinks, are a small producer of artisan drink flavours, or you create a range of alcoholic beverages such as specialty beers, unique spirits or the latest in Gin tastes one thing is certain, having a drinks business insurance policy in place to protect your business is an absolute must.

Why do I need a Drinks Business Insurance policy? 

By the very nature of the drinks and beverage industry its products are designed to be drank, and sometimes things can unfortunately go wrong. Whether that is by the person using your product who may allege your product has made them ill, or you have distributed a product manufactured by someone else Liability Insurance cover will provide essential protection.

At Real Insurance we understand the risks you face on a daily basis as a manufacturer or producer of drinks, whether at your own premises, at a distributors or in transit not only throughout the UK but exporting too, as whilst this opens up a whole new spectrum of opportunity to distribute your drinks brand far and wide you are faced with increased risk as well. Speak with one of our commercial team today about how we can help with your specific requirements.

What is included within an insurance policy for a drinks business? 

As a business involved in drinks production an off the shelf insurance policy can only go so far to protect you, your process equipment, the ingredients that are used as well as your finished items need to be covered but, every business is unique and therefore bespoke cover is essential.

If the business owns the building, you will need to make sure that its fully insured, this can at times be a bit of a minefield due to obtaining  the correct rebuild costs, but we can help you get it right.

It’s always wise to make sure you have wide insurance cover In the event of a loss such as fire, storm or flood and this is where a business protection insurance policy comes into its own. Usually referred to as a Commercial Combined Insurance policy it quickly gets your business back on track by replacing your machinery, plant, stock, computers, all essential items that makes your business what it is.

Following a loss, a business sometimes may need to temporary close due to the damage caused or at best just disrupted. If this happens then business interruption insurance will be there to make sure you survive whilst your business rebuilds itself.

If your drinks or beverages are alleged to have caused illness to consumers, then Product Liability Insurance which forms part of combined liability insurance will not only provide you with defence but also pay any compensation should you be found to be at fault.

Public Liability is essential and provides cover against alleged negligence where there has been a loss, damage or injury to a member of the public. Sometimes companies in this sector will have to hire help and this is where Employers Liability is not only essential it’s also a legal requirement.

Speak to our commercial team her at Real Insurance, we deal with all types of food, drinks and consumables businesses, many likely to be very similar to yours.

Speak to us how we can help you find the best insurance polices for your business, whether that’s a full review or your would just like to chat something through. Speak to our experienced and knowledgeable commercial team, you can speak to a human and get advice. Above all we are nota call centre…

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Soft Drinks Manufacturers Insurance

Whether you provide the fizz or you leave the customer to make the fizz themselves, if it all goes wrong and a claim comes your way you need wide ranging liability insurance protections. Whether you produce juice drinks, juicy waters, sugar free drinks or the regular Co2 fizz, making sure your materials and process equipment is protected is essential.

Craft Brewery Insurance

With having most people’s dream job you need to make sure that it stays that way, having a loss at your production premises can quickly drown your profits. Having the correct cover in place for your Craft Brewery, Micro Brewery or Nano Brewery will ensure that that you have the protections at hand to carry on your business.

Your Hot Liquor Tanks, the Mash Tun your Boil Kettle, and all the essential equipment in between need covering against the wide range of exposures you have as a brewer. Covering all your plant, machinery, kegging and bottling plant it all comes together under one brewing insurance policy.

Brewery Insurance, keeping you sparging way into the future.

Alcoholic Drinks Industry Insurance

A vast and diverse sector of the drinks industry, is it pop or is it something a little more sophisticated, Alcoholic Drinks Industry Insurance is there to keep you in business should things get a little sticky.

Distillery Insurance

Whether you have just moved out the shed to that small industrial unit or you are a much larger concern then making sure that Still keeps running is essential.  If you are making the trendy Gins, or something rather more specialist then insurance will keep you in business should the worst happen.

Your buildings, your equipment, and of course those important components that have got you this far in your distillery business already.

Distillery Insurance – Keeping those Junipers safe.

Insurance is all about protecting your business, many other covers and policies are available such as Product Recall Insurance, Vehicle or Fleet Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability providing essential protection for the Directors and Employees against a wrongful act. With attacks on computer systems and networks, theft of personal data a target and social engineering, having a cyber protection policy is now becoming almost mainstream.

Why deal with Real Insurance for your Drinks Business Insurance?

Real Insurance Brokers is an established, independent insurance brokers with extensive experience in arranging insurance cover for a wide range of businesses operating food and drinks sector.

Whether you have your own range of drinks, produce for someone else or a specialist such as a microbrewery your business needs a wide range of protections, we can help.

Working with Real Insurance means you are dealing with a professional, experienced insurance team, not a call centre. We’ll take time to understand how your drinks business operates, what risks you face and provide you with a range of quotes from leading UK insurers. Get in touch today.

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