Laser Cutting Business Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover for your laser cutting business

Laser Cutting Business Insurance

Whether your business is just Laser Cutting or you provide a wider service such as bending and fabricating metals, insurance is essential. As Laser Cutters it’s likely that you have expensive machinery, some of the materials you cut can have a higher value such as stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, alloys or even specialist higher value metals.

You may be using a traditional Laser, CO2 Lasers or the more modern Fibre Laser cutting equipment, ancillary plant such as a Gas Generation Plant or your Gasses are located outside in tanks, these can need specialist insurance covers.

Because of the accuracy of laser cut materials, sometimes the components made can be parts for other larger machinery, or perhaps go into specialist applications, this is where it’s prudent to discuss your requirements with a specialist broker who can guide you through, and highlight the higher risk parts of your business.

Discuss your requirements with us, whether you want a full review of your lasers cutters business insurances or just a chat about how to obtain better insurance for your business, give us a call and speak with one of the team.

What is laser cutting business insurance? 

A laser cutting business will need a wide range of insurance covers; it’s usually bought as a single insurance policy which covers the premises if you own it as well as the plant and machinery such as the lasers themselves as well as specialist equipment that is located in the open.

Stock cover is essential and in the event of a loss at the premises Business Interruption Insurance is there to keep you in business by paying overheads whilst the premises are repaired.

Your business needs can differ from many businesses, even businesses that do exactly the same type of business as yours. Your stock may be high value and in some cases you may have those specialist steels that are supplied by your customer so it’s essential that these are correctly covered.

Liability Insurance is a essential cover, usually comprising of Public Liability and Product liability and where you employ people, Employers Liability is a legal requirement.

Depending on the type of Laser you use you could have gasses at your premises, the plant that contains these can be very expensive so it’s essential that the insurance you purchase fully covers these, whether they are inside or outside your business premises.

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Why use Real Insurance for your Laser Business Insurance? 

We specialise in certain industry sectors, the steel sector is are one of our key areas particularly when it’s the higher risk end producing products that either go through a high risk process or the end components go into a riskier environment or where components are exported to the USA or Canada where Product Liability requirements can be very different to that in the UK.

Real Insurance Group Ltd are specialist Commercial Insurance Brokers, we deal only with A rated insurers that are UK based, all our teams are experienced insurance professionals having worked in the industry for many years, and above all we are not a call centre.

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Real Insurance Brokers have a proven track record in arranging excellent quality cover for within the manufacturing sector. We spend time getting to know your exact requirements, so we can then put forward an effective, bespoke insurance solution to suit you. 

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