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Camper Van Conversion Insurance

Whether you are carrying out conversions for your surf customer, adding kitchen or shower pods, installing a pop-up roof or building a full kitchen. Taking it to the real extreme, spraying that bright orange textured coating. A simple modification or a complete conversion, it’s essential that you have Camper Van Conversion Business insurance in place.

If it’s your vans that you are converting into campers or your customer’s donor vehicles, there can be many risks you could face. Having specialist insurance in place though with policies designed around your business, means you are fully protected.

At Real Insurance Group, we understand what you do, so whether you are fitting a complete kitchen or just a cooker, installing beds or fitting a bike rack, we get it.

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What is Camper Van Conversion Insurance?

Even in their basic form Vans are valuable items, so whether protecting your customers’ expensive donor vehicles or your own stock of vans for conversions insurance is in place for should the worse happen. Your customer will be far from happy if they leave their new van with you only to find that it’s been stolen or damaged.

Camper van conversion insurance protects your business against financial losses that you might encounter, so should a loss occur, you have experts on hand to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Businesses that convert camper vans are specialists that need policies designed for those working in the motor trade. Being unique in what you do, you are dealing with vehicles, so the insurance cover needs to reflect this. You might be using other materials too, such as timber, plastics and specialist products, installing cooking equipment and entire electrical systems; the policy you have must incorporate a wide range of protections.

Its more than just about the vehicle, consider your business premises, building camper van kitchens or complete fit-outs from scratch? You would likely be using fixed woodworking machinery such as bench saws, portable hand drills, and routers, all of which need to be covered.

What cover is provided under a policy for camper van conversions?

Any business can face a multitude of risks, including damage to property caused by fire, storm, flood, accidental damage, and, of course, theft which can be a higher risk for those in the conversions trade, after all even some of the donor vans are desirable; insurance provides wide-ranging cover; it pays for the loss, so you don’t have to.

Suppose you have a loss at your premises and can’t continue your business. Business Interruption insurance can be put in place to keep your business in business whilst essential repairs or rebuilding takes place. Business Interruption is designed to put you back in the same position as if the claim had never happened, getting you back to those conversions as soon as possible.

Sometimes even with the best precautions in place, you could still cause damage or loss to customers’ property, or even worse, injury; this is where insurance cover for Public Liability is there to protect you, it will provide cover for legal defense costs, and if you are found to have been negligent your insurer will pay compensation too.

What insurance is available for a camper van conversion business?

A camper van conversion business would usually have a motor trade combined insurance to ensure that a broad spectrum of cover is in place to protect you.

This type of insurance is designed to provide essential protection for those in the motor trade and associated trades such as yours. The cover includes vital insurance protection for the activities of those who convert camper vans.

Working on commercial vehicles, however large, means that its likely you will need some premises contents insurance, after all it’s not that practical working outside in the elements. If you own the building, it’s essential that it’s covered correctly; we can help you get the right cover to avoid the potential of underinsurance.

Your contents, even the kettle and toaster are no doubt just as important to the business as the garage equipment, your hand tools and woodworking machinery, can all be covered under a contents section of a policy, as can your hand tools.

Suppose you bespoke your interiors or those to your customer’s requirements. In that case, this might include sheet timber stock, kitchen equipment such as fridges, hobs, and ovens, not forgetting essential furniture items.

Colours to your customer’s requirements or a bright specialist textured coating to your conversions might mean you have spray guns, mixing schemes and spray booths; these are expensive items, as is the paint stock, which is also easily insured under the property section of a policy.

Customers’ vehicles that you have in your custody can’t have their conversion carried out in just one day, so it’s essential that you have Customers’ Vehicles covered; this ensures that should anything happen to the vehicle whilst you have it at your business premises, it will be fully protected.

For many businesses, there are, of course, vehicles that are owned and used by the business; Road Risks insurance is available should you require it; this type of insurance cover allows you and your employees to drive business and customers’ vehicles, an essential element of cover, invaluable in the conversion business where you need to move vehicles.

Camper Van Conversion Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers loss, damage, or injury that you might do to a third party, this being a member of the public for example. Suppose they come to your business premises to collect their completed conversion; they could slip on a wet or greasy reception or workshop floor, injure themselves by tripping over ill-placed stock or catch their foot on a pallet causing a nasty injury, this is where Public Liability is going to help.

Working on a customer’s van means you could damage it; your customer wants some work carried out on the engine, but the repair fails, causing more damage. Fitting accessories could mean modifying the electrics resulting in a vehicle fire. This would be covered on what is Defective Workmanship insurance; this works just like your Public Liability cover and is essential when working on vehicles.

Cover for Employee Injury – As your business grows, you will likely need help; this can be a full-time employee, a part-time or voluntary person or a work experience student. Employers’ liability is not only essential; it’s also a legal requirement, so it’s something you must have in place.

It protects your business against costly claims from employees, but also provides compensation to your employee should they be injured whilst working for you.

Why insure your Camper Van Conversion Business with Real Insurance Group?

Camper Van Conversion businesses need specialist insurance. Likewise, it is essential that you speak with someone such as Real Insurance Group who understand not only the processes involved in camper van conversions but how your policy will work for you.

We are not a call centre; we are specialist, knowledgeable motor trade insurance brokers happy to provide advice, not leaving you to fend for yourselves.

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