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Takeaway shop insurance

Whether it’s Fish and Chips in Folkstone or Kebabs in Kendal, Burger Bars, Tandoori’s, and Chinese takeaways,  takeaway shop insurance is essential for keeping your fast food fast,  and if the worst happens, to keep your business “in business”.

The main purpose of a takeaway shop insurance package is to protect you against losses from damage or theft to the assets of your business, such as its contents. Public and products liability insurance to protect against allegations of loss, damage, or injury that may occur like a member of the public slipping on your floor.

With the Great British takeaway open on every high street serving up fast food from every corner of the world the insurance you have in place must protect your business and its assets from the risks and the many exposures it faces.

What is takeaway shop insurance?

Takeaway Shop insurance usually comes in what’s called a package policy, these are insurance policies that provide you with a wide range of insurance covers that come together in one simple policy, cover designed for most eventualities that a takeaway food outlet might require.

As a takeaway owner, you need to ensure that you have the necessary cover in one easy-to-understand scalable policy that grows as your business grows.  They are quick to arrange and competitive, leaving you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

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What does a Takeaway Insurance policy provide insurance cover for?

Many things can go wrong in a Takeaway particularly if you are using heat for frying, fire can be a concern considering the temperatures involved, and even with the best thermostats and controls in place, things do go wrong, which is why you have insurance in the first place to protect you if it does.

Having put a lot of time effort and expense into kitting out your shop, from the basics such as tables and chairs to machinery, cookers, and specialist equipment such as Electronic Point of Sale systems for self-ordering by your customers.

Essential in any takeaway is the refrigeration and freezer equipment, takeaway packages can provide cover against the breakdown of this equipment as well as the deterioration of stock should the worst happen and the food thaws out and becomes unusable.

A package policy should cover almost all perils,  perils are things like a storm, flood, and fire to name just a few, what policies don’t cover are things like vermin and mold though.

Break-ins are not uncommon so theft insurance on a package policy is included, whilst it’s unlikely they are going to break in for a few cakes, or your finest pizza, your takings are certainly attractive, so insurance covering Money would usually be built-in to the policy.

Liability insurance for Takeaways

Liability insurance is an essential part of any insurance package, Public Liability insurance for takeaways will protect you against allegations, people blaming you of negligence if you cause any loss, damage, or injury.

A simple example, Takeaway floors can be hazardous, particularly on rainy days they can become like skating rinks, and whilst you are continually mopping and drying the floor there is always the risk that someone could fall.

If this happens you may be blamed for not adhering to the required health and safety precautions. If so, your insurer will provide legal defence and compensation should a legal case go against you.

As you are serving food there is always that risk that someone alleges that they have food poisoning or they have found a foreign body in their food, Product Liability will come to your rescue.

A customer alleges that they have found a foreign body in their fish and chips, they allege that it’s broken a tooth and they are holding you responsible for injury and cost of repair.

Whether it’s your fault or not the costs can be significant, even if the allegations prove to have no substance, your insurer would pay for the legal costs involved.  If you were to be found at fault then your insurer would also pay for any compensation that you would be liable for.

What happens if my takeaway has to close temporarily?

Sometimes the damage to your premises can be significant enough which means you have to close temporarily, this could be just a few days or could go on for many months, a fire can be devastating.

If this happens and there is a loss at the premises, a package policy would normally include Business Interruption. This cover will keep paying for things such as overheads up to the limit you have bought on the policy. The limit is usually based on Gross Profit, package policies usually provide a standard but high limit.

There is a limit to the length of time your insurer would pay a claim, this is called an indemnity period and is available on 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months periods.

 Employees can become injured too, does insurance cover me?

Yes, of course, it does, it’s referred to as Employer’s Liability Insurance, it usually covers you for £ 10 million and is a standard cover on a package policy. Employers Liability Insurance is a statutory requirement too meaning you or your business are legally required by law to have it.

Fast food outlets can have many hazards, hot surfaces or work with hot liquids such as oil or hot drinks, can result in potential claims from employees

Would my policy include Glass?

Takeaways can be particularly vulnerable to broken windows, many businesses have experienced this, a phone call from the police to say they have arranged to board up, or you have arrived at your business to find the window has been smashed, windows can be expensive so its essential cover is in place for such eventualities.

Glass Cover on a takeaway is very important BUT it’s essential that you understand whether you or your landlord are insuring it, a quick check on your lease agreement should explain who is responsible.

What type of takeaway shops do we insure?

If it’s fast food we deal with many specialist insurers, our clients are independent retailers to franchise outlets as well as franchisees and multi-location operators.

  • Fish & Chip Shop Insurance

  • Kebab Shop Insurance

  • Sandwich Shop Insurance

  • Pizza Takeaway Insurance

  • Coffee Shop Insurance

  • Cakes and Desserts Shop Insurance

Why deal with Real Insurance for your Takeaway shop Insurance?

One of our specialist areas is the hospitality sector, we work with several specialist insurers who have specific insurance packages available for almost every type of takeaway shop.

Speak to a specialist, for many years now we have looked after hundreds of fast food takeaways, from single independent businesses to some of the country’s largest Pizza Franchise companies.

Whether you are the purveyor of Finest Pizza’s, Burgers, Fish and Chips, sell Sushi, Cream Cakes with specialist coffee we will have provided cover.

Importantly we are not a call center, when you speak to us you are dealing with knowledgeable experienced commercial brokers who understand your business.

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