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Insuring your motorcycle trade business

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Depending on what your motorcycle trade business does, there are a number of considerations that need to be made in choosing the right insurance cover. What those covers are depends on whether you are a trader, buying and selling motorbikes from business premises, or if you offer service, repair and bodyshop work.

Whether you work from an independent store with retail frontage, run a large, multi site business offering bikes from a range of manufacturers, we can help get the right cover for you. We understand that both the bikes themselves as well as accessories for riders being potentially attractive targets for theft. We can work with you, offering professional advice when it comes to security and risk management at your premises. It is often the case that being able to demonstrate good security can bring down insurance costs significantly. We also understand that you may have younger staff who can be difficult to find cost effective insurance for, even under a business policy.

You’re likely to face a number of challenges as a motor cycle trader, but as brokers with significant experience in this area, we can help simplify your search for the right insurance covers. Call Real Insurance Brokers today.

What is Motorcycle Trade Insurance?

Motorcycle trade insurance goes far beyond mere ‘road risk’ insurance. It’s really an umbrella term that includes all of the covers that you may need as a business owner or manager, running a motorcycle sales, service, repair or bodyshop business.

Typically, motorcycle trade insurance can include protection for your stock, business premises and contents as well as liability insurance as relevant. Naturally, you’ll usually need cover for you and your staff when riding customers bikes as well as for customers test riding a machine on their own for sales demonstration purposes.

Motorcycle trade insurance, when bought through Real Insurance, is flexible to your particular needs, ensuring you get the adequate protection you do need without paying for cover you have no need for.

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What is typically covered by a Motorbike Trade Insurance policy?

As already discussed, no two policies need be the same. That said there are a number of covers that you may wish to consider, because they are often core to a motorcycle trade policy:

  • Rider cover – You’ll no doubt need insurance that allows you and your staff to ride the bikes. While cover can be arranged at third party and third party fire and theft level, it’s usually advisable for a trader to go with a comprehensive cover option.

  • Demonstration Cover. This allows for customers to take your motorcycles out onto the road for test rides, something that many will clearly want to do before making a purchase.

  • Motorcycle shop insurance. If you own your own premises, you’ll want to insure the building itself, as well as any contents. You’re likely to have computer equipment as well as office furniture, and if you service or repair bikes, it’s likely that you have a range of tools, from fixed equipment through to an array of hand tools.

  • Liability insurance. Employers and public liability insurance can protect you in the event that a member of staff or public claim that they have suffered loss, injury or worse as a result of your business activity.

Why should I choose Real Insurance Brokers for my motorbike trade insurance cover?

Because we know the motorcycle trade, and what protections traders do (and do not) need. We can help you determine which protections will put you in a better business situation, and then help you find them at an excellent price.
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