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At Real Insurance, we have extensive experience arranging insurance for Printers – so much so that we have developed our own printers insurance policy, Printcover+. It can be tailored to accomodate your particular requirements, but typically a printing business will need a number of elements of cover – building and contents, as well as cover for plant and machinery – likely to be the most significant assets for the business. You will also need public and employers liability insurance.

What makes Printercover+ a better insurance policy for printers?

As a printing business, you’re likely to offer services to businesses and individual customers alike. Having worked with a number of printing businesses over the years, arranging cover, we recognised changes in the industry. Many printers have diversified into signage and sign installation, but a standard printers policy will not provide cover for signage installation and the associated liabilities. Printcover+ does. The policy takes into account the risks that you face and the tools and locations you may be working. You’re likely to be working with heat guns, at height and may need cover for tools and machinery that are being used off your business premises. While indemnity limits can be flexed to suit your needs, the real benefit is having all of these considerations accomodated in a single policy.

Other insurance to consider when buying Printers Insurance

There are several other insurances your printing business may need, in addition to your printing insurance. These include:

Public liability insurance for printers

Public liability insurance is really important for almost any type of business where you’re dealing with customers and clients. If a compensation claim is made against you for something such as a sign falling over and injuring someone, or if it became detached and damaged a passing vehicle, your public liability insurance cover will take into account the cost of defending your case, any compensation or medical fees due, lost income and repair and replacement costs – all of which can seriously add up.

Printers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Also known as Errors and Omissions, or E&O insurance, this insurance will protect you financially and legally if a customer tries to sue you for a professional mistake within the work you completed for them. If the case gets taken to court, you will likely need to spend a lot of time and money addressing the claims regardless of whether you’re actually guilty or not.

For example, a new business comes to you to get a poster printed. The poster contains a spelling mistake which you haven’t picked up on, and later they then lodge a claim against your company and say that this spelling mistake has cost them several business contracts because it looks unprofessional. If your company is not protected by printers professional liability insurance, you will have to pay for your legal defence costs and any compensation out of your own pocket which can run into thousands.

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What else should be considered?

If your printing business employs any staff, employers’ liability insurance is essential. It covers compensation claims made by your staff if they become ill, injured or suffer damage to their property whilst working for you. Many people don’t realise that an ’employee’ doesn’t necessarily have to actually be on your payroll – they may be a casual worker, volunteer or sub-contractor – but they’re still classed as working for you. You will also need to consider buildings insurance if you’re responsible for insuring your business premises as well business interruption insurance should you suffer a disaster such as a fire or flood. Plus if you have a fleet of vans or offer delivery, you’ll need the appropriate insurance for this too.

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