CCTV Installer Insurance

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Who needs CCTV Installer Insurance?

If you run a business designing, supplying, installing, commissioning and / or servicing CCTV equipment, it’s highly likely that you require a specialist CCTV Installer Insurance policy. In many cases, it will be a contratual requirement that you have certain covers in place, and teh main contractor or end client is likely to stipulate indemnity levels for certain covers.

Beyond that, its likely that you will want to protect your business and its assets. If something were to go wrong and important equipment or stock were to be damaged or stolen, the cost for replacement, not to mention delays and missed work, could prove disasterous for your business. A CCTV Installer Insurance policy can be tailored around your business, covering all that you need it to.

What is included on a CCTV installers insurance policy?

As stated, a policy can be flexed to include a whole range of covers, and you can set the appropriate indemnity limits. That said there are a number of key covers that you are likely to need on a CCTV installer insurance policy.

CCTV installers public liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers you in teh event that a member of the public makes a claim that they have suffered a loss or injury as a consequence of your work. It could be something as simple as dropping a tool while up a ladder and it falling on a passer-by. Public liability covers you for teh cost of your legal defense as well as any pay out that is awarded – upto teh indemnity limits specified by the policy.

CCTV installers employers liability insurance

Where you have anyone working for you, even casually or as sub contractors, you are required by law to have employers liability insurance. It offers similar protection to public liability insurance, the difference being that the claim is brought by one of your workers.

CCTV installers product liability insurance

If you supply or sell the equipment that you install, you could be held liable in the event that the product is in some way defective. Would you be able to afford to replace expensive equipment as well as find the time to re-install it at your own cost should something go wrong? Product liability insurance will pay out (up to the policy’s indemnity limit) in just such a situation.

Professional indemnity insurance for CCTV installers

Clients will take your professional advice on what equipment they need installed, and where to position surveillance cameras on their premises for the best coverage. If your advice is later alleged to have been wrong and led to a loss for the client, you could be held liable. Professional indemnity cover protects you from the legal costs associated with your defence as well as covering any compensation payout.

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Other insurance for CCTV installers to consider

No two businesses are the same. Working with Real Insurance ensures you have access to professional advice on your policy. We take time to understand your business as a whole before recommending what other covers you need to consider – and what you don’t need. We can help design a CCTV Installer insurance package that provides adequate protection without paying for cover you dont need.

  • Contractual liability insurance

  • Tools and equipment insurance

  • Stock insurance

  • Personal accident insurance

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