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What is land insurance?

As a land owner, you have a duty of care to visitors and members of the public under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. Also known as land liability insurance or land indemnity insurance, land insurance comes in many forms but essentially it is there to protect you if someone becomes injured, ill or suffers a loss while on your land (whether they should or shouldn’t have been there in the first place) and decides to make a claim against you.

Insuring vacant land

You may decide to leave a piece of land undeveloped for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’d love to build a log cabin or summer house, or perhaps you would like to use it one day for a particular hobby or sport. Whatever purpose you have in mind for your vacant land, you might want to consider insuring it against certain unforeseen risks.

If someone tried to sue you, it will also help to cover your legal fees. While it cannot cover any damage that someone inflicts on your land, it will protect you financially if other people are ever on your property.

What is classed as vacant land?

Vacant land must literally have nothing on it. If you have any kind of building or structure on it, even if it’s temporary or dilapidated, your land is no longer classed as vacant and therefore won’t be covered by vacant land insurance. If you decide to start building something on the land, you will need to buy extra property insurance to cover any outbuildings or structures.

It’s also worth knowing that if someone is injured inside an abandoned building on your property, your land insurance liability will not cover it and you could be liable.

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Who needs land liability insurance?

It might be that you have bought a piece of land for possible future development as a building plot, want to use it as a sports field, or have decided to use it as a grazing paddock. Whatever the reason, if you own the land, there is always a risk that someone could make a claim against you.

Land Insurance gives anyone who has responsibility as the land owner peace of mind that should something go wrong and a member of the public claims to have been hurt or made ill, or otherwise suffered a loss as a result of being on your property, you have some protection in place against potential costs. Call Real Insurance today.

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