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Comprehensive cover at great prices for your business fleet

Why do I need a specialist fleet insurance policy?

If your organisation operates a fleet of vehicles, you doubtless know how complicated using separate insurance policies or even different insurers for each vehicle can be.

You can often save yourself quite a few headaches (and quite possibly a fair amount of money) by insuring all or part of your fleet at once with specialised fleet insurance.

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What is fleet Insurance?

Simply put, fleet insurance is commercial or business insurance which covers all or part of your fleet of vehicles under a single policy. You pay only one premium, and have a single point of contact for nay concerns or claims.

Some policies are quite broad, allowing any of your drivers to use any one of your vehicles for (almost) any purpose, while others are narrower, insuring only certain types of travel or only insuring certain drivers on certain vehicles.

Exactly what you need depends very much on the type of business you operate, the size of your fleet, and the number of drivers you employ.

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What is covered by a fleet insurance policy?

Like your own car insurance, fleet insurance is available at several different levels. You might be able to ‘get by’ with the minimum level required by law, but most fleet operators prefer to get more protection, especially considering the value of all of the vehicles they own.

  • TPO, third party only insurance is the minimum required to operate your fleet on the roads. It protects ‘third parties’ by paying for their loss if they are injured, killed or of their property is damaged in an accident found to be your driver’s fault.
  • TPFT, third part fire and theft, expands on that by reimbursing you for any damage to your vehicles due to fire and theft, within the limits of the policy.
  • Comprehensive cover protects your business from loss that occurs form damage to your vehicles. It will typically pay for their repairs or replacement.

In addition, many policies are available which will cover the medical expenses of any of your drivers injured in an accident, or even replace any personal effects lost, damaged or stolen while in your vehicles.

Lastly, Consider Goods in Transit cover, which will protect the load your vehicle was carrying, something other levels of coverage usually do not.

Why should I choose Real Insurance for my fleet insurance?

Simply put, because we have the expertise it takes to help you choose a policy that does everything you need it to do, without you having to pay for protections you aren’t likely to use.

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