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Joinery Business Insurance

The joinery industry is not only wide its diverse too, small joinery workshops making windows and doors, to joinery contractors who work mainly on site, as well as the other businesses such as specialist kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturers. When it comes to protecting your business though, having Joinery Business Insurance in place is a common necessity across the industry.
There are many risks in a joinery and carpentry business, Joinery Workshops insurance is essential due to the hazards, not only because of the flammable materials worked with but the types of machinery used. For Joinery Contractors insurance is the cornerstone of your insurance protections, fitting out new build premises or renovating older properties Public Liability insurance is essential.

Do I need Joinery Business Insurance

Other than for timber merchants and suppliers almost all timber based products start their life with some sort of processing, usually within a joinery workshop or, depending on the products larger automated manufacturing premises which are driven by modern technology.
Any business that produces joinery products, even bedroom and kitchen unit manufacturers needs quality insurance that protects them against the exposures that are part of everyday business risks.
At Real Insurance we know our biscuit jointers from our routers and our spindle moulders from our edge banders as well as specialist automation systems such as CNC machinery.
We work in partnership with you our client, get to understand your business; we work with you to ensure that cover you are purchasing is the correct fit for your business, the amounts that you insure for, agreeing correct values on not only new equipment but on some of that machinery you have in the workshop that you would never replace, certainly not new anyway.

What is Joinery Business Insurance

Wide business insurance cover is required for a joinery business that covers the Machinery, the Fixtures and Fittings, Technology as well as cover that protects your Gross Profit if the business can’t function due to a loss at the premises. Liability insurance to protect the business against negligence claims is an essential part of business protect, and where there are employees Employers Liability is not on required it’s a legal requirement.

Running any type of joinery or carpentry business, large or small, traditional or modern, onsite or from a joinery workshop insurance can sometimes become complex.

Usually a bespoke insurance is required, commonly referred to as a commercial combined insurance policy, it brings all the required insurance covers together in one place under a joinery business insurance policy.

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What does a Joinery Business Insurance Policy cover? 

A manufacturing joinery business will have similar insurance requirements to other businesses that are workshop based, big or small. Joinery contractors though working on site would better benefit from other covers specific to the locations where they work.

If you work from premises such as a workshop you need to have a wide range of insurance that will cover your specialist woodworking machinery, the extraction systems as well as all the business fixtures and fittings and of course those specialist tools you use daily.

Insurance for your premises is there to protect your business against losses for such things as Fire, Storm, and in recent years a larger exposure to Flood, theft is also a major concern where there are specialist portable tools.

Sometimes a loss at your business premises can mean you can’t return to working immediately, this could be a temporary interruption or if the damage is extensive then longer periods could mean that you lose business. Business Interruption insurance is there to keep your business in business whilst the premises are rebuilt.

Whether your business is as a manufacturing joinery company, which might involve some installation or your business is purely on site, Public Liability Insurance is essential for every business.

Public liability for a joinery business provides protection against anyone who might make a claim for any loss, damage or injury that is proven to be the negligence of the business or one of its employees, this might be damage to someone’s property.

Product Liability Insurance is an extension to Public Liability, in fact they both come together and wouldn’t usually be separated out. The cover provided is very similar to Public Liability, it will cover loss damage or injury where your product is at fault, using a nail gun for instance is a quick and easy way of connecting pieces of timber, however one may be left exposed which catches someone’s skin causing an injury, typically Product Liability would cover this type of injury.

What of the types of insurance might a Joinery Business require? 

Of course there are many types of protections that can be purchased by a Joinery business and these can differ.  The following are typical examples of cover that would benefit a joinery or carpentry business.

Goods in Transit Insurance – protects your raw materials or finished items whilst being transported or where you send them via a carrier.

Legal Expenses Insurance – providing defence cover where there are employee disputes, tax or VAT investigations and contract disputes cover, because even the best business relationships can go sour so having a legal helpline will help you make the right decisions.

Engineering Inspection – A service more than insurance cover. Where there is use of certain types of plant and machinery such as fork lift trucks, compressors and extraction systems these are required by law to be inspected – we can arrange this type of service for you.

Directors & Officers Liability – Protecting the Directors or Officers of a Ltd company against claims against them for wrongful acts.

Cyber Insurance – Even the smallest of businesses can become a victim of Cyber Crime, wide insurance protection is available.

Van and Multi-Vehicle Insurance – Getting from A to B is made easier by having vehicles, having a 3m length of 3×2 on the bus is going to be difficult – Comprehensive insurance is available for just one vehicle or for more than two, mini-fleet insurance is available.

Why deal with Real Insurance for your Joinery Business Insurance?

As commercial insurance brokers we have many years helping our clients to find the best insurance products that match their requirements.

We only deal with certain industry sectors such as the joinery and carpentry trade which means that we go out of our way to really understand your business. We have excellent and longstanding relationships with insurers; we work closely with them to get the best deal for your business.

Above all we are not a call centre, we can and will give advice where necessary to guide you through your Flooring Industry Insurance requirements and assist you in obtaining thebest policy that suits the needs of your business.

Speak to one of our commercial team today about your insurance requirements.

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