Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Insurance

Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Insurance


Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Insurance

Specialist Insurance Brokers for the automotive sector, in particular Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Insurance. Many thousands parts go into vehicles and for manufacturers of these parts it can sometimes present a challenge to find a suitable insurer,  insurance is available but it’s always best to look for robust cover programs with quality backing.

Vehicle parts and components can be anything that goes in or on a Car, Van, Motor Cycle or other road going vehicle, these can range from a simple nut and bolt through to interior trims, electrical components, body panel’s right through to suspension and drive train components.

Whilst modern vehicle components are manufactured by large specialist manufactures there are many companies that manufacture reproduction, reconditioned parts that are customised for older models. The classic car following for example is huge and as vehicles get older parts become obsolete and have to be reproduced.

What is Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Insurance

Being a parts manufacturer having specialist insurance in place is essential, it’s not in every insurers appetite and its usual that a specific insurance policy needs to be bespoke around the business requirements, it’s not just a case of pulling a readymade policy off the shelf.

Whilst a parts manufacture insurance policy can be made up of many different types of cover having quality Product Liability Insurance in place should be a priority, Liability insurance is the cornerstone of any insurance program.

Product Liability insurance cover is essential in case a component part that that you have produced causes a loss or damage or injury to the user of the product.

Usually product liability insurance forms part of a combined liability policy or a section of a wider policy, this will also include public liability which protects you against alleged negligence against a member of the public, this might be at your business premises or if you are away such as deliveries or where you are at someone else’s premises.

There are many other insurance covers that you can add in to safeguard your business against losses and to keep you in business. An insurance policy of this type should always be sought to provide the best protection for your business.

Not every insurer will offer cover for vehicle parts manufacturers, but dealing with a broker such as Real who has access to specialist insurance markets in the automotive sector we can obtain the right covers at competitive premiums.

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What insurance is available for a Car, Van or motor Cycle parts Manufacturer

A vehicle parts manufacturing business needs to be protected against various risks they are likely to face in the course of their business. This can be anything from a theft at the premises or something much worse such as a large fire that stops the business continuing for many months.

The machinery used to produce components of accurate tolerances can be very expensive, CNC machinery, presses and specialist welding and joining and of course CAD equipment on its own can run into many tens of thousands. With some component parts being of special alloys or non-ferrous metals, these need to be protected and this is where Stock insurance is a very important cover.

Sometimes damage at the manufacturing premises such as storm, fire or in more modern times with flood being more frequent it can mean the business can’t operate causing a loss of profits, covers such as business interruption insurance is available to  make sure the business remains in business.

Whilst Public & Products Liability is essential its also a legal requirement to ensure that injured employees are properly compensated, this is called Employers Liability.

When delivering your products to your customers or entrusting them to a carrier means they are exposed to further risk such as theft, Goods in Transit insurance will protect your goods until they arrive at their destination.

Other insurance protections are available to your business…

Commercial Legal Expenses insurance provides a wide range of cover such as defence at Employment Tribunals, Tax or VAT Investigations, and where supplier and customer relations break down Contract disputes cover can be included.

Being a Director of Company has its rewards, but also comes with its own risks. A director can be held responsible for a wrongful act and this is where Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is essential.

In modern times, hackers and cyber criminals are always one step ahead, Cyber Insurance is essential to protect your business.

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At Real Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves on providing quality advice from knowledgeable team members; we are not a call centre driven by what the screen says. We help you from the start to ensure the range of products you buy for your Vehicle Parts Manufacturing  business is robust and sufficiently in depth to protect your business in the event of a loss.

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