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Why do I need fleet insurance?

If your business owns a number of vans, you’ve probably assembled your fleet over a long period of time. You may well have started out with just the one van under its own insurance policy, before adding another one to cope with extra workload. This second van will then have its own insurance (and own renewal date) and so on. Before you know it, you have lots of vans under lots of insurance companies and lots of renewal dates, which is a serious headache to manage.

How can one fleet policy help?

Every van listed on your fleet policy will have just one renewal date which is far easier to administer. Having all your fleet with one provider on one policy is also likely to be much cheaper as you’re effectively bulk-buying from a single supplier. Additionally, fleet van insurance policies mean you can insure each one of your drivers to get behind the wheel of any of your vans, so boosting flexibility and productivity.

What types of fleet van insurance cover are there?

Just like car insurance, there are different levels of protection for your fleet on offer. The minimum amount you will need to drive legally on UK roads is third party. This would cover any liabilities you might have towards someone else if their vehicle or property is damaged in an accident. It would also cover liabilities relating to any injuries sustained by them or their passengers. However, third party cover will not protect you, your van or any injuries you sustain yourself.

Third party; fire and theft

This type of policy offers the same protection as third party only, but would reimburse you if your van was stolen or damaged or written off by fire.

Fully comprehensive

The most highly recommended and advanced type of fleet van insurance cover is fully comprehensive. As well as offering all the benefits mentioned above, it also means you can claim for any injuries or van damage sustained by yourself.

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What else is covered?

Remember that not all policies give exactly the same amount of protection. Some may provide additional extras such as legal expenses cover, windscreen or van breakdown cover. Sometimes these come as standard but often they are optional, meaning you can take them out in order to bring down your premium.

It’s up to you to decide what extras are important to you and your business. Breakdown cover for instance is a particular popular one, particularly for businesses which are heavily reliant on their vans constantly being on the road. Legal expenses cover is another popular one, as fighting any legal disputes that arise will likely have a huge financial impact without proper protection.

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