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Who needs office insurance?

If you run business out of an office, no matter whether it’s from home, from larger commercial premises, it makes sense to protect your office equipment, furniture and fixtures and fittings against damage or loss caused by theft, fire, flood, just as some examples.

Where you also have staff, or have members of the public (clients, for example) visit you at your premises, you’re likely to need some liability insurance in place too. Employers and public liability insurance can protect your business from claims for loss, injury, illness or worse that they may claim has been caused by your business activity.

There are other considerations, but if you run a business from an office it’s likely that you would benefit from having some cover in place. In some cases you may need them by law. If you’d like to discuss office insurance, call Real Insurance Brokers today, and we’ll help you work out what you need.

What is Office Insurance?

Office insurance generally refers to a package of covers brought together in a single policy, designed to protect an office based business from a range of perils that it may face. No two policies are typically the same as they can be tailored around a specific businesses particular requirements.

If you fear your office may not be sufficiently protected by your current business insurance, please contact us now to discuss your risks, and how office insurance could help mitigate them.

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What is covered or included on an Office Insurance policy?

That depends on what cover you need. It’s typically made up of building and contents insurance as well as liability protection as appropriate.

Business contents insurance coverage typically covers:

  • Computers, electronics, and other equipment used for work

  • Loss due to flood, fire or disaster
  • Loss due to accident or criminal acts

  • Business property cover
  • Business income cover
  • Losses due to employee fraud, theft or malfeasance
  • Liability of your business, generally

But as always, it I possible (and often advisable) to add extra coverage to the ‘basic’ package. These ‘extras’ might include:

  • Personal belongings of your employees
  • Goods or items owned by customers on-site
  • Household contents of any workers who live, permanently or temporarily, on-site
  • Professional liability, if you owe your customers or clients a duty of care

Why should you choose Real Insurance for your office insurance cover?

Generally speaking, the building owner you rent from will require you to have some form of office insurance, even if just to protect their interests. Still, a policy that is ‘enough to satisfy the landlord’ might not be enough to protect you, your business or your employees.

Real Insurance Brokers know all kinds of office insurance inside and out, and can help you make an educated, reliable decision as to what kind of a policy you need, and exactly how much you should be paying.

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