Block of Flats Insurance

Bespoke cover for buildings insurance specially designed for flats

What is block of flats insurance?

Block of flats insurance (also known as block insurance) is ideal for a wide variety of different types of property, including houses which have been converted into flats, commercial properties and purpose built blocks. It’s primarily designed to ensure that if anything catastrophic happens to the structure of the building, landlords or property management companies are covered for the repairs and other associated costs.

Who needs block of flats insurance?

Block insurance is vital for landlords or flat management companies who own or look after blocks of flats, residential apartment blocks or tenements. It’s important to remember that each block is designed and built in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with different insurance requirements, so it’s important to get the right cover you need to ensure total protection. This is where we come in.

What’s included on a block of flats insurance policy?

We are a specialist commercial insurance broker and have access to a wide range of policies from a variety of leading UK insurers. This means we can provide a wide range of options from our large database of insurers to help you find the perfect cover for your building(s) to cover against fire, water leaks, accidental damage, flooding and much more. We can even arrange specialist insurers for difficult to insure buildings, such as those with subsidence issues or which are near a flood plain. Many policies also cover the contents of communal areas such as hallways, landings and reception areas such as furniture and furnishings.

Alternative accommodation cover

This type of protection comes into play in the event that the damage to the property is so extensive the tenant(s) can no longer carry on living there. As the landlord or agent, it’s your responsibility to provide alternative accommodation in this case for as long as it takes for the building to become habitable again.

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Other insurance to consider when buying block insurance

Outside of the building and contents as well as managing your exposure to tenants, you may require other insurance for your business. As members of the public are likely to come onto your premises, you need to consider Public Liability Insurance which would protect you in a situation where they suffered a loss, injury or illness that they allege was caused by your business activity. It could be something as trivial as them slipping on a freshly mopped floor in a communal area. If you have maintenance staff, cleaners or property security staff, you will also require Employers Liability Insurance cover, too.

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Why choose Real Insurance Brokers for my block of flats insurance?

Real Insurance Brokers have a proven track record in arranging cover for landlords and property management companies who own and maintain blocks of flats. We are proud to work closely with our clients, taking the time to get to know their individual insurance needs to then give a tailor-made insurance solution to suit. Through our direct working with leading UK insurers, we have every insurer and insurance product to suit each client’s unique needs right at our fingertips.

We understand you’re very busy and trawling through insurance company after insurance company is a real headache. So when you’re looking for your next block of flats insurance quote, call us today and let us do the searching so you don’t have to.

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