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Business Vehicle Insurance

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Why do I need shop insurance for my retail business?

You are required by law to carry a certain minimum level of insurance for every one of your organisation’s commercial vehicles.

In fact, even your private vehicle(s) need to be covered by a relevant business vehicle insurance policy when you use them for business purposes beyond simply driving to and from work.

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What is Business Vehicle Insurance?

Business vehicle insurance is almost exactly like your own personal car insurance, in most cases.

It protects both pedestrians and anyone else on the road in case there is an accident that is ruled to be your fault (or the fault of your driver) at a minimum, and it can be expanded to be ‘comprehensive’ and beyond, protecting your business against the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle, its load, and even the loss of business represented by having it in the garage – if you select those options when you set up the policy.

There is often a distinction between “business vehicle insurance”, which covers lorries, delivery vans and similar vehicles, and “commercial vehicle insurance” which , but not all insurers use exactly the same terms.

Pay close attention to the terms of the policy, to make sure you are actually getting what you need.

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What is covered or included in a business vehicle insurance policy?

That depends heavily on the ‘class’ of business vehicle insurance you take out.

Sometimes spouses are covered under commercial vehicle insurance policies automatically, but other times they are not.

  • Employer’s liability cover
  • Buildings and / or Contents cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Theft of money and / or stock cover
  • Loss of license cover
  • Portable equipment cover
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Crime, deliberate harm or terrorism cover

Check carefully, as you may need to add your spouse as a named driver if they ever do work-related driving.

Why choose Real Insurance to arrange my Business Vehicle Insurance?

We understand the (admittedly complicated) requirements for commercial and business vehicle insurance, and can help you select a policy that covers you fully without you having to pay for more than you actually need.

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