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What is included on a SignElite Insurance policy from Real Insurance Brokers?

We have extensive experience arranging insurance for sign and graphic companies, with hundreds of clients in the sector. We developed the SignElite Insurance product in response to our clients needs. It’s a completely exclusive scheme, only available from us. In addition to the standard covers for business contents, machinery, computers and stock, you will find the policy is tailored to your needs with:

No height limit – We know that when you’re installing signs you’re likely to be up ladders or scaffolding.

No exclusions for the use of heat guns and angle grinders when away from your premises – We understand that using these can be integral to the work you do.

Cover in the event of damage to the property you’re working on

£5m Public Liability Insurance as standard

Upto 24 months business interruption insurance

Beyond these principle inclusions, we can flex cover to meet your particular business requirements – for example with professional indemnity or business motor vehicle cover. Read on to find out more.

What is Sign Manufacturers Insurance?

As a sign making business you may well be involved in all sorts of activities during the course of your daily work. From designing, cutting, and installing signs using a variety of materials, to making deliveries and buying stock, sign making is a popular and diverse industry to be in. But what happens if a piece of your equipment is damaged or stolen? Or what if a member of the public is injured by your sign? This is where sign manufacturers insurance comes in to play. Real Insurance has developed SignElite as a specialist insurance scheme, which offers a number of benefits that you may struggle to find elsewhere.

I’ve already got Printers Insurance – do I still need it?

If you’re a printing company which is looking to expand into signage then yes, you’ll need both. As a printers insurance policy will only cover printing which is done on the premises, it’s not designed to cover installation of signage and the liability it entails. So, if you are erecting signs away from your premises at a clients premises, you will need extra signage insurance cover added on. Things like using heat guns away from your usual place of work, health and safety whilst working at height and covering tools and machinery away from the business premises will all need to be taken into account.

Our SignElite policy covers all of these considerations, as well as a host of further benefits – for example, Business Interruption for 24 months and Public Liability at £5m are both standard features. As a ‘best of breed’ commercial combined cover designed specifically for the sign manufacturing and installing industry, there is also provision for computers and other office equipment, legal expenses, stock, property and even cover for customers vehicles.

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Other insurance to consider when buying Sign Manufacturers Insurance

There are several other insurances you may wish to consider in addition to your sign manufacturers insurance. The main ones are:

Professional Indemnity Insurance for sign manufacturers

If you’re offering advice about where to put a sign, or you’re completing site surveys for example, this type of insurance is a must.

Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you if it’s proven you’ve been negligent in respect of the following;

  • Breach of Professional duty or negligence arising from your business activities
  • Unintentional breach of client’s confidentiality
  • Unintentional breach of copyright

Whilst any Public Liability cover you have will protect you against damage caused to a person or their property, it does not protect you against professional negligence on your part.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If your signage business owns commercial vans or other vehicles then you’ll also need commercial vehicle insurance. All your vehicles should be registered in your company name and proof of no claims bonus (or details of previous claims) will need to be provided for the purposes of giving you an accurate quote.

You will also need to decide which employees should drive for business use only and which will need social, domestic and pleasure use too. For example, if a member of your staff uses the vehicle to commute in, takes it home at weekends or uses the vehicle for any other purpose other than business use they must have SDP (social, domestic and pleasure) use included.

It’s worth knowing that policies tend to be rated on the number of drivers rather than the number of vehicles which can be much more cost effective if you have a number of vehicles on the policy.

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