SMART Repair Insurance

Cover designed specifically for SMART repairer businesses

Why do SMART Repairers need business insurance cover?

SMART repairers are in a unique business position. Similar to PDR Technicians, they need appropriate SMART Repair insurance cover. However, they simply don’t do business in the same way as traditional body shops. As a result, common types of ‘small business cover’ or ‘motor trade insurance’ are poorly suited, inefficient and frankly too expensive for most SMART repairers.

That is why so many insurers now offer specialised SMART repair insurance. Typically, SMART repair insurance costs less than insuring an entire body shop, because it offers only those protections you are likely to need.

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What is SMART Repair Insurance?

SMART repair insurance protects SMART repairers from the risks they are likely to face in the course of their mobile cosmetic repair business.

This might be anything from operating a client’s vehicle to the far more devastating possibility of your van (and tools) being stolen, lost or damaged.

Some policies even extend to giving protection from liability to members of the public, if you or your business is found to have been at fault in an accident or some other misfortune.

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What is typically covered by a SMART Repairer’s Insurance policy?

No two SMART repair services are exactly the same, so there is a high degree of variation from policy to policy, even if they come from the same insurer. However, there are certain features that are usually a part of a SMART insurance policy, and other which are commonly ‘bolted on’ to a standard package.

  • Third Party Cover – This is required by law to operate your van on the roads, after all.
  • Road risk cover – This can be useful if you ever need to move a client’s vehicle.
  • Employee liability cover – This can protect you and your business if one of your employees is ever injured at work.
  • Premises cover / tenants improvements cover – This is useful if you have an office or even just a garage where you keep your van. It can protect the structure and / or any alterations you have made to it as a tenant.
  • Comprehensive vehicle cover – This protects your van, truck or other vehicle(s), making sure you can repair or replace them in the event of a covered accident.
  • Tool or equipment cover – This protects your tools and equipment, probably one of your largest investments. If they are lost, stolen or damaged in a covered event, this will usually reimburse you for the cost of their replacement.

This is not an exhaustive list, though. We can help you determine if you need other kinds of cover, such as public liability insurance.

Why choose Real insurance for your SMART Repairer insurance cover?

You can trust Real Insurance to help you identify what you need from a SMART Repairer insurance policy, and then help you get it at a price you can afford.

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