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Who needs security insurance?

No matter whether you’re in the business of providing manned guarding, static guards, security patrolling or even supply or install security equipment, you need insurance that addresses some of the unique challenges your business could face. It could be you work at events, managing large crowds or offer close protection. Real Insurance Brokers can get the security industry insurance you need to protect yourself, your staff and your business.


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What is included on a security insurance policy?

The beauty of arranging your security insurance through Real Insurance Brokers is that we can work with you and tailor a policy that suits your business. Running a business in the security industry has some risks attached to it and there are typically a number of covers that you may require.

Public liability insurance for security company

Public liability is probably the most important consideration for any business working within the security industry. You’re bound to come into contact with members of the public in your line of work. Where you are offering manned or door security to premises, or work at public events there is a risk of confrontation.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you in the event that a member of the public makes an accusation that they have suffered loss, injury or worse as a result of your business activity. Even where the claim is later dismissed or proven to be untrue, you could amass significant costs in mounting your defence. Public liability insurance can protect you from these costs by paying out for you. If the case is proven against you, and you are instructed to pay the victim compensation, public liability could again cover the cost for you.

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What else should I consider when buying security industry insurance?

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have anyone working for you. And that isn’t restricted to full time staff on the payroll. Anyone, including casual labour and contractors can be deemed to be staff if they are working under your instruction, and you must have the right cover in place. Employers liability insurance is designed to protect you from the cost of defending yourself against claims brought by staff that they have suffered illness, loss, injury or worse as a consequence of the work that they undertake for you.

If you work protecting premises or managing the public at events, it’s likely that you will have a contractual agreement with your customer, and this may well specify what cover the client requires you to have. Beyond that, there is a whole host of other covers that are likely to be worth considering for your security business. These include things like efficacy and contractual liability, wrongful arrest, lost keys, professional indemnity and personal accident cover.

Why arrange your insurance through Real Insurance?

Real Insurance Brokers is an established, independant business with extensive experience in arranging insurance cover for a range of businesses operating in teh security sector. Whether you install and manage security equipment, offer close protection services, manage event security on behalf of clients or need protection for your security staff working at night clubs and other venues, we can help.

Working with Real Insurance means dealing with a professional, experienced insurance team, not a call centre. We’ll take time to understand how your security business operates, what risks you face and provide you with a range of quotes from leading UK insurers. Get in touch today.

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