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Wide range of insurance covers for Paving Contractors

Whether you work on personal or commercial properties installing traditional slab paving’s, block paving’s for driveways or more recently the trendy resin bonded or resin bound systems having a paving contractors insurance policy in place is essential.

Real Insurance Group is a specialist commercial broker who deals with small and large paving contractors throughout the UK.

We are not a call centre, we give advice and we don’t just leave you to decide for yourself what cover is needed, when it comes to insurance for your paving business we understand your needs.

Don’t leave ticking boxes and guestimates on a faceless webpage to chance in the hope that you have it right, speak to an experienced construction broker.

Who needs Paving Contractors Insurance?

Any business that is involved in the laying of paving, whether that is simple pathways to customers block paved driveways or for the larger paving contractor working on commercial property laying car parks, causeways, and pavements. A paving contractor’s insurance policy can be tailored around your particular business requirements, ensuring you have the Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance in place as well as the right paperwork and cover to get on with the job, knowing you’re adequately protected – without paying over the odds.

What does a paving contractor’s insurance policy cover?

A paving contractors insurance policy can provide a wide range of insurance covers and protections, Public Liability for example will protect your business against allegations of negligence against a member of the public who may have suffered a loss, succumb to damage to their property, or suffered an injury caused by your actions.

Similarly, whether you have direct employees or labour only sub-contractors they can allege that they have suffered an injury whilst in the course of their employment with you, Employers Liability insurance is there to defend you and your business against these allegations pay any legal costs and compensation that might be payable.

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What type of insurance cover is available for a paving contractor?

No two businesses are the same. Cover can be arranged that reflects your particular requirements, so no matter whether your laying flags or block paving on a patio or driveway, laying road surface or large car parks where ground working may be involved, kerbstones or asphalting a car park, we can help.

Paving contractors Portable Hand Tools Insurance

Depending on the type of work you are carrying out whether you just use hand tools such as spades and shovels, mechanical saws, and the occasional Wacker plate the requirement for further cover could be limited, in this event though Portable Hand Tools cover could be considered essential to make sure that these types of tools can be quickly replaced should they be lost, theft perhaps ensuing that you get back to your job with the minimum of disruption.

Paving Construction

Plant & Machinery Insurance

Sometimes with bigger contracts, you need bigger tools which can mean you have to hire the plant in. If you hire plant in you sometimes have options on insurance, whether that is to hire a piece of equipment with insurance provided by the hiring company. This is a great option but over a period of time can become quite costly reducing the profitability of your contracts.

Hired in Plant Insurance for Paving Contractors

Having your own hired in plant policy not only saves you money on hire charges it’s a very competitive way to cover the plant that you are responsible for, it also gives you wide flexibility on where the plant is and what is used.

Contractors Combined Insurance for Paving Contractors

As your business grows trying to handle many different policies can become quite unmanageable, having a Contract Works insurance policy or a contractor combined in place means that you can bring all your cover requirements together. Typically a Contractors Combined Insurance policy for a Paving Contractor might include

Public Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Premises & Machinery Insurance
Stock Insurance
Contractors Hired in Plant Insurance
Own Machinery Insurance
Motor Fleet Insurance
Accident & Sickness Cover
Directors & Officers Liability
Cyber Insurance
Legal Expenses Insurance HMRC disputes IR35 etc

Can my paving materials be covered whilst on-site?

They can, paving materials whilst on site can either be covered on a Contract Works Insurance which covers the world themselves or they can be covered under a contractor’s combined insurance.

It makes sense particularly on a larger contract that all your materials are delivered to the site in larger quantities, allowing the contract to flow much better and giving your employees access to everything they need all in one place. Sometimes when materials of any type are left in the open or without protection from such issues as theft problems can occur, theft, malicious damage, damage to existing work can all pose a problem. Speak to us about protecting your materials whilst on site.

Why obtain Paving Contractors Insurance Policy for Real Insurance

Real Insurance is a specialist broker to the construction industry and we have expansive experience arranging insurance for contractors and sub-contractors. We are not a call center, we are a commercial insurance specialist that will take time to understand your business before recommending the types of cover that you may need and getting you quotes. We are very happy to provide advice.

Hassle-free, we’ll be happy to help you understand what protection different covers provide and why you may need them. In some cases, you may need the cover by law such as Employers Liability and of course vehicle cover in others, it could be a stipulation of the contract that you have with the main contractor or your client.

Typically, paving contractors will need to consider public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, and contract works cover. If you use specialist machinery and equipment such as JCBs, vibrating plate compactors, or heavy rollers, whether hired in or owned, you may need to get plant insurance and we can help you with a full program of covers.

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