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Who needs Builders Insurance?

No matter whether you are self employed or run a limited company, if you’re in the building trade you face a number of risks. Construction work is statistically one of the most dangerous sectors in the UK and having the right insurance in place is vital. Builders insurance is typically made up of a number of covers, and you can choose which you need, ensuring that you don’t pay for cover you don’t need.

In many cases, the main contractor or client that you are working for will require that you have some cover – most notably builders Public Liability insurance – in place before you can get on site.

What cover is included on a builders insurance policy?

Cover can be flexed to reflect your exact requirements, but as stated, it typically starts with builders public liability insurance. This protects you from claims made by members of the public that they have suffered injury, illness or a loss as a direct consequence of your work. Cover levels typically start at £1m through to £5m, but we can offer enhanced levels should they be required. The level that you need may be stipulated in your contracts with clients.

A further consideration is builders employers liability – You must have this in place by law if you have anyone working under your direction. They needn’t be full time staff, you will require cover even for casual labourers and part time workers. Employers liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business in the event that a worker is injured, made unwell or suffers damage or loss to property as a consequence of their work with you. It will pay for legal fees that you might incur defending a claim, as well as any compensation payout that is deemed to be due. The UK minimum amount of cover is £5m, but as with public liability insurance, you can stipulate more should you want or need it.

Finally, you may wish to consider personal accident insurance. Construction sites are dangerous places and accidents do happen. Personal accident insurance would pay out medical expenses as well as for any loss or earnings as a result of an injury while you are working.

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What other cover can be provided on a builders insurance policy?

If you run your business from an office, you can insure the building and its contents as part of your builders insurance policy. You will have a range of tools that you use in your day to day work that can be covered, alongside any owned or hired in plant and machinery.

You may well hold some stock, or have materials on site that you are using for a job. These, too, can be insured, protecting you from the cost of replacement should they be stolen, for example.

If you have vehicles that you use in the course of your work – a van or truck that you use to ransport materials and workers, for example, then you may benefit from having them insured within your policy. Where you have a number of vehicles, it may prove cost effective to include a mini fleet cover, which gives you greater flexibility, less admin and could save you money.

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