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Get the right cover for your business – no matter what trade you are in

Who needs Tradesman Insurance?

No matter what trade you are in, it can be vitally important to get the right policy in place. In many cases, the main contractor that you are working under, or the client themselves, may well insist that you have certain covers in place as a condition of your work with them. Beyond that, it is worth considering what risks you and your business face, and what the costs and consequences might be if something did go wrong.

At Real Insurance, we specialise in arranging insurance cover for people and business operating in the construction sector. So no matter whether you are a self employed bricklayer, run a small team of scaffolders or own a limited company managing plumbing or heating engineering services natonwide, we can help.

What cover is included on a tradesman insurance policy?

There are a whole range of considerations when choosing the right tradesman insurance policy. It can be easy to buy a cheap policy and get it wrong by missing a vital detail. Depending on your trade, you might be working at height (or depth) or with heat. If you’re a welder, you’ll have gas equipment. Where there are quite specific potential perils, it’s important to have them accurately reflected in the insurance policy that you buy. Beyond that, there are a number of covers that you’re very likely to need in place before getting on site.

Tradesman employers liability – If you have staff working for you, even if only part time or as casual labour, you are legally obliged to have employers liability insurance in place. Should a worker become unwell, be injured or suffer a loss of some description as a result of their work with you, you could face legal and compensation costs. Employers Liability Insurance can pay out in this event.

Tradesman public liability insurance – You’re likely to be working on site at buildings and you can’t always control who is onsite with you. Public liability insurance for tradesmen protects you from claims made by members of the public that they have suffered loss, injury or worse as a result of your business activity. This cover protects you from the costs of legal defense and any compensation that is awarded.

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Other insurance for tradesmen

Outside of your liabilities to staff and the public, it’s likely that you have an extensive range of tools, plant or machinery. The value of these can be significant, and if the worst was to happen and they were stolen or damaged, you’d also have the worry of getting behind on work or even losing a job.

You may also have vehicle(s) that you use in the day to running of your tradesman business. These too can be included as part of a policy.

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