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Introducing Real Insurance for business

We specialise in commercial insurance for businesses just like yours.

Real Insurance Group is a trading name of Brown & Brown Insurance Brokers (UK) Limited, part of Brown & Brown, Inc. one of the world’s largest insurance broking businesses.

Brown & Brown supports our business by providing access to strong insurance partnerships, enhanced insurance products, risk management resources, and the expertise of over 14000 insurance professionals worldwide. To find out more, visit www.bbrown.com/eu.

But really it should be about you, our clients and our prospective clients… We’re sure that you don’t want to hear all about our company’s life history, whilst some of it has been exciting for us over the years such as our 45-year milestone, or our staff who have decades of knowledge and experience. We are here to focus on you and your business, we should probably call this page “About You”.

Life in the digital age

We like to think we are a little different from many of our industry peers. The insurance industry in many ways is still stuck in the Dark Ages, yes some of our colleagues still use paper and files, yes really, can you believe that!

We on the other hand engaged life without paper way back in 2004, to make your journey with us much slicker, our whole business is digital from the records we keep about you to the marketing we do, all of which is done in-house, none of that old fashioned paper advertising stuff here!


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Proud to be different!

Everything to everyone we certainly are not, we specialise in what we know and understand the best. Buying your steak from the baker might be possible, each baker to their own I guess, but asking the baker advice on the cut and what to do with it might not result in the advice you were expecting, they might not even give you advice – that sounds familiar with many in the insurance industry.

Similarly, we don’t try to deal with industry sectors we don’t understand, quite to the contrary, we specialise in areas that many brokers don’t, we understand the chosen sectors very well so when you are talking to us about that 5 turrets reciprocal widget we do know what you are saying.

Talk to a member of our specialist insurance broking team today

Assisting you in making the right business insurance decision.

Piling it high and selling it cheap is not our thing, we would feel a bit undervalued and wasted, to be honest, all that knowledge, experience, and free advice going to waste, it’s not about providing the cheapest quote, we put quality product before premium.

We take time to understand your business, and above all, we can offer advice, yes you can speak to experienced and very knowledgeable people, people with decades of real-life insurance experience who will guide you and assist you in making the right choices with your insurance.

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For businesses just like yours

We only deal with business insurance which means we are experts at looking after the insurance requirements of businesses such as yours.

We offer all covers required by a diverse business sector, whether you require Manufacturers Insurance, Contractors Insurance and if you repair cars, Motor Trade Insurance.

Running Track

Getting it right – from the start.

Commercial insurance covers are vast and varied, no two businesses are the same, we offer such covers as Public Liability Insurance.

Commercial Combined insurance covering all your business assets including essential Business Interruption Insurance, an essential cover to “keep your business, in business” should the worst happen.

Electric Light Bulb

Where one size doesnt fit all.

Obtaining commercial insurance for your business doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether its Shop Insurance a package policy should provide the covers you need, to Restaurant Insurance

For the larger business we provide bespoke insurance programs, whatever your business.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We can all be experts at saying how good we are; instead, take a look at what our clients have to say about us, they do like us …

Why choose Real Insurance to arrange your business Insurance?

We are an established, independent insurance broker with many years of experience helping our clients to find the right cover at the right price for their business.  Our dedicated team have a detailed knowledge of the industry you work in and they will take the time to get to know your business too.

Our approach combined with the longstanding working relationships we have with a large range of insurers around the world means we can provide our clients with insurance solutions that other simply can’t.

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