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Tailored cover for franchise businesses arranged by experienced specialists

Why do I need franchise insurance for my business?

Franchisors and franchisees face a great many responsibilities in their business and there are a range of considerations to be made for the individual business as well as any interdependencies you have with other businesses associated with the franchise.

Getting the right insurance for most franchises means accessing a range of separate covers in order to ensure that all risks are adequately protected against. That can be time consuming and complex, but working with an experienced broker like Real Insurance means you can be confident of the correct advice and adequate protection with out the hassle.

Real Insurance Brokers have a proven track record arranging cover for both franchisors and franchisees. We work closely with our franchise clients, getting to know their unique business challenges and pulling together the various covers for them. We work with leading UK insurers and can provide a quote that’s designed for your business. Call us today to start the discussion!

What is Franchise Insurance?

Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as off the shelf franchise insurance. Typically, a franchise business will need a range of covers in place in order to adequately protect the business. Because every franchise is different, every insurance arrangement needs to be tailored to suit, and a policy can be created to cover a range of requirements. Public and employers liability feature regularly, as does cover for premises, content and stock. Franchise businesses can find it difficult to access professional indemnity cover sometimes, but having the right cover in place is essential.

Real Insurance Brokers have been working with franchise businesses of all sizes across a diverse range of business sectors for many years. We have become specialists in arranging insurance for franchise businesses and working with leading UK insurers, we’re confident that we will be able to arrange the cover you need.

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What is covered in a Franchise Insurance policy?

That depends quite a bit on the needs of your individual business, the needs of the other businesses in the franchise, and whether each if a franchisor or a Franchisee. For example:

Franchisee insurance

As a franchisee, your franchisor may well stipulate what cover you must have in place as part of your contractual agreement with them. Requirements can be complex – but that’s where we can help. As brokers we can help you understand the requirements and do the research for you, before providing you with recommendations and quotes. Beyond any requirements stipulated, you will want to protect your business and its assets for its own sake. You’re running a business in its own right, and ensuring you have adequate protection for your people, stock, contents, tools and equipment as well as any other liabilities and assets should be a priority.

Franchisor insurance

Beyond the compulsory levels of business insurance you’re required to take, as with a franchisee, you’re running a business and it’s important that you have cover in place to protect your investments in the business. As a specialist broker in the franchise insurance market, we can advise you on what covers you ought to consider. Additionally, it may be that, as part of your arrangements with your franchisees, you want advice on what cover you should stipulate they have in place – or even offer them an option on cover that you recommend. We are happy to help in the situation.

Learn more about Real Insurance Brokers’ options for Franchisor Insurance.

Your franchise insurance cover might include:

  • Employer liability
  • Commercial motor vehicle insurance
  • Protection form property damage or accident
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Legal expense cover
  • Cyber liability cover
  • Public Liability

Or any of dozens more protections, as determined by your unique business needs.

Why should I choose Real Insurance for my franchise insurance cover?

Real Insurance Brokers offers you more than just high quality insurance coverage. We offer knowledgeable, personalised service and all the time and effort it takes to get to know your business and its insurance needs.

Franchise companies really do need to ensure they have the correct insurance cover, and we know how to help you determine your insurance needs exactly, and then find high quality cover for less.

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Real Insurance Brokers UK