PDR Technician Insurance

PDR Insurance – Cover designed specifically for the PDR Technician

Why do I need PDR Technician business Insurance

Paintless Dent Removal Technicians have specific insurance needs. Very similar to SMART repairers that mainly work at customers premises they need to have appropriate insurance cover in place. Unlike their industry colleagues who work in bodyshops where a full motor trade policy is required, PDR Technicians insurance doesn’t need to provide quite the level of cover so there is no need to have cover that would never be used, having an insurance that is specially for them is better suited.

Not every insurer will offer cover for mobile PDR Technicians, but dealing with a specialist insurance broker in this area will provide the understanding and knowledge needed to obtain the right covers at competitive premiums.

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What is PDR Technicians Insurance?

PDR Technicians insurance will protect vehicle repairers from the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis when working on vehicles.

Driving your customers vehicles is a necessity if you have to move them from place to place at a dealers premises, sometimes with dealers busy forecourts accidents can easily happen.

With your business premises being your van it’s important to be protected against damage or theft to your tools, after all without these its difficult to work and they can be expensive to replace.

Having liability insurance in place is essential, it protects a business should there be loss, damage or injury to a member of the public or their possessions. A PDR Technicians insurance can also be extended where you hire help, cover must be provided for employees as it’s a statutory requirement meaning it’s something that is legally required.

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What cover can be provided by a PDR Technicians insurance policy?

Being a Paintless Dent Removal Technician means that you need insurance cover that is specific to exactly what you do.
There is no use in having a one size fits all insurance policy, you could be paying to much premium for cover that you will never use or there could be essential cover missing.

Having a specialist insurance policy which is designed for your trade means you get all the cover you need and none of the covers you don’t.

  • Road Risks Insurance – A legal requirement for your vehicle that covers you to drive on the road whether that is in own vehicles or those belonging to your customers. Cover is available just to cover damage to a third party or accidental damage to your own vehicle

  • Liability Insurance – Working at customers premises, you can cause all types of damage as well as to customers vehicles if you are working on them.

  • Tools and plant in vehicles – get protected against theft or damage to the contents of your van. Without your tools and the equipment to carry out your service to your customers, insurance will provide that extent of cover to get you back working again as soon as possible.

  • Protection against claims from employees – a legal requirement and insurance that’s essential if you employee people

  • Accident and Sickness – when you are not working, you’re not earning, protect your income with insurance cover that will pay you if you can’t work.

  • Premises cover – Sometimes it can be useful to have business premises where you can also take your customers to for repair. You can keep your van in the premises as well as machinery and other business equipment.

The list is far from exhaustive, speak to us about the other insurance protections available for your business such as Directors & Officers Liability or Cyber Insurance

Why choose Real insurance for your PDR Technician insurance cover?

You can trust Real Insurance to help you identify what you need from a PDR insurance policy, and then help you get it at a price you can afford.

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