Why you should use an independent commercial insurance broker

There have recently been a lot of advertisements pointing towards standard off the shelf commercial insurance policies that have been made available online. This is all well and good but without seeking professional advice, do you know if your business is correctly protected? When you’re making decisions about insurance, price matching does not necessarily mean matching cover. You potentially risk gaps in cover and are unlikely to be paid in the event of a loss.

Real Insurance is an independent business founded in 1976. We employ quality people who together have over 400 years of experience in the Insurance sector.

Real Insurance offers expert advice on a wide range of business insurance. Whilst we use a high level of technology within our business we haven’t forgotten that bespoke insurance needs knowledge and experience.

Our team of advisers have been in the insurance industry for many years. We’re not a call center and don’t rely on what a computer is telling us.

By gaining a full understanding of your circumstances, Real will discuss the risks you or your business face, and explain the full range of insurance and risk management solutions that we can make available to you.

We make a specific effort to ensure that our clients understand the various insurance products that are available, where the key differences in cover can be found, and what the implications might be in the event of a claim.

Insurance documents can appear complicated and it is easy to overlook the small print!

We regularly review insurers policy wordings, thoroughly examine every quotation that insurers provide, and attend insurer training courses to guarantee that our clients are benefitting from the widest cover available – and from our knowledge and experience. We only deal with insurance companies that are financially secure and follow strict regulatory guidelines.

Providing the right cover is vital, but being available to assist our clients when they need our help is equally important. This is of particular importance in the unfortunate event of a claim, where Real Insurance make sure we are actively involved in the process, rather than leaving our clients to liaise directly with insurers and loss adjusters. Trying to get a claim settled can be very stressful and take your focus off of day to day business.

Although independent we are partners within the Bluefin Network. Bluefin is owned by the Insurance giant Marsh, and have a combined turnover of £10 billion.  As a member of the network we have access to their large panel of insurers and, through their buying power, excellent rates and cover for our customers.

Real Insurance have recently helped many businesses with specialist commercial insurance arrangements.

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