How technology is providing vital evidence with motor fleet claims

Dash cams are becoming more commonly used by British motorists, with almost 11 million using one. In the unfortunate event of an insurance claim resulting from an accident, they eliminate any element of doubt to an insurer by providing video evidence.

For businesses that operate fleets of vehicles this can prove vital as footage recorded on a dash cam can be submitted directly to an insurer.

Whilst installing dashcams in all company vehicles, this may not immediately lower your car insurance rates, but the footage that the camera provides may turn out invaluable in certain situations.

For fleet managers they can also use the technology to extract dashcam footage of near misses, collisions and road rage to support claims and evaluate driver behaviour within the organisation.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director of Real Insurance said, “the camera never lies and video footage provides undisputed evidence in the event of a claim. Before dash cams and without any witnesses, evidence has in many cases been hard to prove to insurers.”

Why businesses should purchase Dash Cams for company vehicles

  • Insurers have a clear understanding of the accident and will be likely to settle the claim quicker than with traditional evidence
  • Time saved in gathering written statements from drivers who are busy working on the road
  • Reduce the chance of the business having to pay out a policy excess for repairs to your own vehicle
  • Assists you in understanding your employees safety and skills behind the wheel
  • Reduces the chance of incurring unnecessary legal costs disputing the accident is your fault

When purchasing, try to buy a Dash Cam that is not too bulky or visible in your vehicles, as you don’t want to attract thieves.

Real Insurance specialise in fleet insurance. If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you doubtless know how complicated using separate insurance policies or even different insurers for each vehicle can be. You can often save yourself quite a few headaches (and quite possibly a fair amount of money) by insuring all or part of your fleet at once with specialised fleet insurance.

To find out more or get a fleet insurance and our advice about purchasing a dash cam please contact Real Insurance Brokers today on 0330 058 0260