Has your car been changed since it was manufactured? – If so, it could be considered modified by insurers.


Modifying cars is a past-time for drivers of all ages.

What is classed as a vehicle modification from an insurers point of view? 

A modification is any change you make to your vehicle that alters it from the manufacturer’s standard specification. Modified Car Insurance is different to standard car insurance as it requires specialist insurance to cover modifications.

Put simply, all modifications from factory standard specification must be declared before taking out an insurance policy. This is why, when you apply for insurance, you’re asked whether your car has been modified. Any car that has additions or has been altered from its standard factory specification is what the insurance industry classes as a ‘non standard’ or modified vehicle.

 Modified cars or vans can be any make or model. 

Vehicle modifications tend to fall into two categories – performance or cosmetic.

Altering your suspension, changing the wheels or upgrading your exhaust are all examples of modifications that may improve a cars performance. Spoilers and speaker systems are cosmetic changes. Some insurers state “a vehicle is considered modified if it has been changed in any way since it was first supplied by the vehicle manufacturer”. Other insurers say that a modification is “any alteration to the manufacturers’ standard specification to your car, including optional extras fitted to the car when new by the vehicle manufacturer or dealer, which improves its value, performance, appearance or attractiveness to thieves.”

Click here to download the British Insurance Brokers (BIBA) Report on Modified Vehicles.

What modifications could invalidate your insurance? 

Modifications that result in you breaking the law will void your insurance. Common examples include tinted windows that restrict more than 70% light and under-car neon lights. If you fail to declare any modifications when you take out your cover, you may void your car insurance. It is imperative that you tell your insurer if your car has been modified in any way. For insurance to fulfil its objectives, the cover you purchase needs to accurately reflect your requirements.

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Modified Car Report (download) courtesy of BIBA