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Vehicle Repairers Insurance

Cover for your vehicle repair, servicing and MOT business


Why do I need vehicle repairers insurance?

If you run a business servicing, repairing and MOT’ing vehicles, its important to have the rights covers in place to protect the business in the event that anything goes wrong.

What is Car Repair Insurance?

Car repair insurance, often called MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) is a kind of ‘extended warranty’ you can get from a third party insurer.

It can cover both new and used cars, and is usually available in a wide range of durations and pricing schemes.

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What is covered by a car repair insurance policy?

That depends quite a bit on the policy you choose, but a ‘typical’ comprehensive extended warranty can be expected to cover problems in most or all of the following systems:

  • The engine and fuel systems

  • The gearbox, clutch and related parts

  • The automatic transmission (if present)

  • The steering, suspension and braking systems
  • The cooling system

  • The ignition and electrical systems

More extensive car repair policies might even include the heating and air conditioning systems, or even the radio or on-board navigation systems. Some (but not many) cover ‘wear and tear’ as well.

What does Car Repair Insurance cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you that answer here. After all, a car repair insurance policy on a 2017 Audi won’t cost the same as one on a 2005 Skoda! Prices vary widely between different makes and models.

If you would like more information on what car repair insurance would cost for you, please contact Real Insurance Brokers directly!

Why choose Real Insurance Brokers for your car repair insurance cover?

You can rely on Real Insurance Brokers because we are independent, because we work with all of the most reputable insurers in the UK, and because we know how to help you choose exactly the cover you need at a reasonable price.

You need experts for this kind of decision, and that is exactly what we are!

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