What is Vishing?

The existing problem of vishing is on the increase, it’s not a new problem just a variation of the changing digital world where un-authorised persons use the phone for irregular business.

Vishing is a persuasive form of manipulation to get private, personal and financial information over the phone; they’re cold calls where personal information is extracted during what seems like a normal conversation.

You may have experienced a call, text or email of this nature before, offering thousands of pounds in compensation for an injury you may or may not have suffered. They’re primarily made by marketing firms or claims management companies who make contact with many people, regardless if you’ve been in an accident or not.

Vishing is not restricted to any single industry, callers impersonate many financial institutions, the Police and other well known trusted companies.

What to do if you experience a call?

If you’re subjected to a vishing/nuisance call;

  • Only give your personal information when you are sure the caller is genuine. Any reputable company will always invite you to call us back for re-assurance.
  • If you suspect a vishing call, ask for more information including their name and company, contact details, the reason for their call and where they got your number.

The following sites provide additional information and guidance;

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