That Sinking Feeling

As the nights get darker and the clocks go back, Real Insurance is reminding home and business owners to make sure their property is winter ready.

In recent winters, parts of the UK have seen some extreme weather – particularly flooding.

Flood Warnings appear to be now more commonplace

For many years flooding has been a major issue for homeowners, businesses and tenants, and if you live in a flood-prone area you may find it difficult to access affordable insurance. If you are experiencing problems buying insurance consider commissioning a property level flood risk survey. You can also consider installing flood defence measures such as flood doors, airbrick covers and raised electrical sockets.

Flood Areas..

If your location is prone to flooding, consider assembling a flood kit containing your mobile phone, contact telephone numbers, torch and insurance policy details.

If you have to leave your home or business due to flood – and only if there is time:

  • consider taking any valuables with you
  • lock your doors and windows if possible
  • inform family and neighbours of your plans and how to contact you
  • ensure your pets are cared for

We urge clients to watch the video below courtesy of insurer Allianz with regard to protecting your property from Flood Damage.


For further advice on flood insurance please contact Real Insurance on 0330 058 0260

For current flood warning information courtsel of the GOV.UK site – please CLICK HERE