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Security Guard Insurance

Get cover that addresses the unique risks your business faces


Who needs Security Guard Insurance?

If you run a team of mobile or static security guards, or are self employed as one, it’s important to get the appropriate insurance in place. In many cases, the people and businesses that you work for will expect to see evidence of some covers before letting you work.

No matter whether you offer security guard sevices to building firms, patrolling building sites, take on short term work at festivals and events, work as a store detective or operate a wheel clamping service, you are exposed to a range of risks. A security guard insurance policy is typically made up of a number of covers that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

What cover can be included on a security guard insurance policy?

Cover can be flexed to reflect your exact requirements. At Real Insurance Brokers, we work closely with all of our clients to better understand their business needs before providing quotes. There are a number of cover types that are likely to be required within a security guard insurance policy. The key considerations will include:

Security guard public liability insurance

Public liability cover is usually right at the top of the list of priorities for security guards. You’re dealing with members of the public all the time, and this type of cover can protect you from the costs in the event that a member of the public alledges that they have suffered a loss, or suffered injury or illness as a result of your work.

Security guard employers liability insurance

If you have staff working for you, even if only part time or casually, you are legally obliged to have employers liability insurance in place. It could be you run a security guard business with a mix of permanent and part time staff, but by law you must have employers liability insurance in place. As with public liability, it will protect the business should a member of staff become unwell, suffer and injury or loss as a result of their work with you. The cover can protect you from legal and compensation costs.

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Other insurance for security guards

When taking out static or mobile security guard insurance, there are a number of other considerations to be potentially made. It may be that you have a security guard dog, in which case you might need to think about dog bite insurance as well as insuring the animal in the event of injury during work.

It could be that you own or operate specialist equipment – CCTV and sureveillance equipment can be insured whether at your own premises or on site with a client.

It might be that you operate your business from commercial premises, in which case buildings and content cover may be required. More widely, you may wish to include any vehicles and tools that you use as part of your work on a policy. For a no obligation discussion of your particular requirements, call Real Insurance today.

  • Efficacy and contractual liability insurance

  • Loss of keys / Consequential loss following loss of keys insurance

  • Business interruption cover
  • Wrongful arrest

  • Insurance for Guard Dog

  • Loss of license cover
  • Legal expenses cover

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