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Door Supervisor Insurance

Get cover that addresses the unique risks your business faces


Who needs Door Supervisor Insurance?

If you work as a door supervisor, doorman, or run a team of door supervisors at one or a range of venues, getting the right door supervisor insurance cover is vital. It doesn’t matter whether you work at bars, night clubs or private functions, you face significant risks that should be managed carefully. Having the right insurance covers in place could be the difference between a thriving door security business and being forced to stop trading.

What cover is included on a door supervisor insurance policy?

Cover can be flexed to reflect your exact requirements. Clearly, if you are a self employed door supervisor, your needs are likely to be different to those of a business manager running teams of door staff at multiple venues at any given time. At Real Insurance, we have years of experience working with door supervisors, and can tailor a policy that provides all the cover you need to be adequately protected, without paying for cover you may not require.

That said, there are some ‘standard’ covers that most people running and working door supervision businesses need. These are:

Door supervisor public liability insurance

Working as a door supervisor, you’re coming into contact with members of the public. Most of them will be out for a good time and some of them will have had a drink or two. Even with your professional training and approach to the job, there’s always the chance that something goes wrong. Door supervisor public liability insurance protects you in the event that a member of the public makes a claim that they have suffered loss, illness or injury as a result of your business activity. The cover includes protection from the costs of your legal defense – which can mount sharply, even where you’re found not to be at fault – as well as any compensation awarded against you.

Door supervisor employers liability insurance

Where you run a business with staff – including part time and casual workers – you are required by law to have employers liability insurance in place. It offers similar protections to public liability insurance, covering you for claims that loss, injury or illness has been caused as a consequence of business activity, but in this case the claimant would be a worker. As with public liability insurance, the level of cover can be flexible, reflecting your particular needs.

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Other insurance covers for door supervisors

There are a number of other considerations that may need to be made as a door supervisor, or when running a door supervisor team. We can offer you advice on aproriate covers as well as the levels of protection you may need.

  • Wrongful arrest cover
  • Efficacy and contractual liability

  • Loss of keys and consequential loss following loss of keys

  • Fidelity bonding

  • Legal expenses cover

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