Every business is different and your insurance should be as unique as the business it protects

 Real tips to ensure your business is best protected

We find ourselves in unusual times and it is more important than ever to ensure you have the correct insurance cover in place. During this disruptive period which has seen significant change to normal life, your normal business activities may have changed, you may have closed premises or vehicles might be being used for different purposes.

For insurance to fulfil its objectives, the cover you purchase needs to accurately reflect your business requirements. Insuring assets for incorrect values or if there has been a change in business activity is likely to result in underinsurance.

 Real Insurance Group offers expert advice on a wide range of business insurance.

We can help you with all areas of commercial business insurance including Professional Indemnity Insurance, Combined Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance Property Owner’s Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Motor Fleet Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Goods in Transit Insurance, Shop Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Legal Expenses Cover, Contractors Insurance and Manufacturing Insurance.

By speaking with you and gaining a full understanding of your business, Real Insurance will discuss the risks your business faces and explain the full range of insurance and modern risk management solutions that we can make available to you.

 We know that running a business takes time and we want to take the hassle out of your insurance arrangements – providing you with peace of mind.

Running a business has become increasingly complex, with increased regulation, new laws, employment legislation – and the growing blame culture in view of compensation.

Some of these risks have the potential to seriously affect your business or perhaps, more frighteningly, can mean your own personal bankruptcy, losing everything you have built up.

You only know the true value of insurance when it comes to making a claim. Standard insurance packages available online are in most cases sold without professional advice, risking gaps in cover.

Below are some additional covers in addition to the standard liability, theft and damage insurances that have been designed to mitigate these extra risks which should be considered as part of your overall business insurance.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Increasingly Directors, Trustees, Partners alike are being held personally liable for acts or decisions that they make in the course of their business. Cover is available to protect the key people in an organisation against any personal liability they might have as a result of running the business. This can range from corporate manslaughter, preferential treatment of creditors, discrimination, breaches of health and safety and other regulations and even fraud that has been created by fellow Directors.

This even applies to charities and those taking up voluntary positions.

We would recommend Directors to arrange cover to protect all the key people in the organisation against legal costs and most types of compensation awarded.

Cover for Employment Practices

The number of instances where wrongful dismissal claims can be made is growing. If you employ a lot of people and provide you have have good employment practices, we would advise to obtain cover against costs of tribunals or other civil cases brought on by disgruntled employees.

Cyber Insurance

Modern cyber threats pose new and unique challenges to businesses. A single attack can lead to a lot of consequences and understanding the nature of the risk exposure is a real challenge for insurers. The majority of cyber threats are still generally human driven, whereby those planning an attack will study the defences in front of them and try to navigate around them – so it is always a battle to stay one step ahead of the threat.

As cyber criminals become ever more sophisticated, all businesses need to be more vigilant than ever! Whether you receive online payments or not, first and foremost, it is critical that employees are educated on the implications of cyber security as a business risk.

Specialist cyber insurers are already seeing a sharp increase in cybercrime as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the new remote working reality.

Cyber insurance can protect you in the event of a data breach or malicious attack on your computer systems.

 Commercial legal expenses cover

Businesses can be sued for a whole range of commercial issues such as breach of contract, tax and VAT issues, data protection issues, property and neighbour disputes, breach of regulation and more. We can provide legal expenses cover to protect your business from costs incurred against you.

 Has your existing broker recommended or discussed any of these covers with you?

As part of our service, Real Insurance frequently inform clients of the new risks you and your business may face and how you can protect yourself.

From the initial call with one of our specialist advisors, we will gain a full understanding of your business and the risks it faces. With your best interests at heart we will then carry out a full insurance market review of the covers available from financially stable A-rated insurers and recommend to you a range of appropriate covers that are specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

When was the last time you reviewed your business insurance?

Now is a good time to review your commercial insurance arrangements. We have had great success in helping businesses throughout the UK get better insurance cover and premiums.

We’re not a call centre and don’t rely on what a computer is telling us. Whilst we use a high level of technology within our business we haven’t forgotten that bespoke insurance needs knowledge and experience.

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