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Waste Disposal Insurance

For waste disposal businesses that need comprehensive cover.


Who needs Waste Disposal Insurance?

Waste disposal insurance isn’t something many of us think about.

The fact is, though, that businesses operating in the waste management and waste disposal fields face unique challenges, and need highly specialised insurance products to protect their people, their assets, and the business itself should something go wrong.

If you would like to know more about how specialised waste disposal insurance, including liability cover, plant and machinery cover, vehicle or fleet cover, or protection against various liabilities could help your business, contact Real Insurance Brokers today!

What is Waste Disposal Insurance?

Waste disposal insurance has many names. Some call it waste management cover, others environmental services insurance or simply waste insurance.

No matter what you call it, this is a type of business insurance custom tailored to businesses working in the waste disposal or environmental services industry.

It addresses the risks these businesses and their employees face, and seeks to mitigate them efficiently, without providing ‘unnecessary’ or irrelevant protections in the way that some over-generalised business insurance products can.

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What is covered by a waste disposal insurance policy?

That is a difficult question to answer.

There are so many different types of businesses working in the waste management and disposal sector that there are no ‘one size fits all’ waste disposal insurance policies worth mentioning.

Still, there are 4 broad classes of protections that form the ‘core’ of many waste disposal insurance offerings:

  • Commercial Property Cover – Comprehensive property, buildings or facilities cover is of great use to many in the industry. It can protect your investment in your offices, waste sheds, fixed machinery, or even your goods in transit.
  • Fleet Cover – Whether you operate a ‘fleet’ of 2 skip loaders or 100 hazardous waste vehicles, they represent a substantial investment. Fleet cover that is specific to the waste management industry can help protect those vehicles far beyond the bare minimum needed to comply with regulations.
  • Plant & machinery cover – Some waste management companies only get the equivalent of ‘comprehensive cover’ for a car. Others take out policies which include breakdown and repair services or even ‘loss of profits’ cover for the time their plant or heavy machinery is out of action.
  • Liability cover – the waste management industry is fraught with liability, so it is not uncommon to seek insurance cover against claims. Common protections include employers liability, public or pollution liability, and even certain kinds of hazardous waste liabilities (such as asbestos).

Why should I choose Real Insurance for my waste disposal insurance?

You work in a specialised industry, and you need an insurance broker who knows that industry well enough to give you qualified, professional advice about your insurance needs.

You need Real Insurance Brokers.

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