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Why do I need mobile mechanics insurance cover?

If you run a mobile motor trade business of any description, whether a mobile mechanic, mobile valeting, mobile tow bar fitting, mobile auto electrician or even car sales, you have a number of considerations to make. You will most likely need insurance to drive your own and customers vehicles, as well as cover for tools and equipment that you keep in your own vehicle. You might also need to consider public liability insurance.

Getting mobile motor trade insurance can be difficult. Many mainstream insurers simply won’t want to cover you. At Real Insurance, we have a specialism in arranging cover for mobile mechanics and other mobile motor trades. With access to a scheme which is based on a motor trade combined policy, we can tailor cover to reflect your exact needs.

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What is Mobile motor trade insurance?

Mobile mechanics insurance protects you from the many risks you face in the course of running and working on your business. This might be anything from driving a customer’s vehicle as part of diagnosis or testing, the risk to your van (and tools) being damaged, lost or stolen, or protection against liability for injury to a member of the public which could arise out of an accident.

What’s included as standard on a mobile motor trade insurance policy from Real Insurance?

We have a specialist insurance scheme for mobile motor traders. It’s designed to give comprehensive insurance for all aspects of your business. Based on a motor trade combined policy, it is designed to protect you in three key areas:

Road risk cover for mobile mechanics and motor traders

There are no unworkable low limits on what you can drive on our policy and there’s no restrictions on the type of vehicles you can drive. The cover offered for both your own vehicles and your customers is fully comprehensive and there are no awkward indemnity limits on customers vehicles. There’s cover for all vehicles at your home address and even and social, domestic and pleasure option.

Contents insurance for mobile mechanics

You will carry valuable tools and diagnostic equipment in your own vehicle, and we include cover for that as standard. We also understand that it can be impractical to take all tools out of the vehicle overnight. So, subject to the vehicle locks being in place, the contents out of view, all portable tools locked in an appropriate storage container securely bolted to the fabric of the vehicle, we can cover you overnight, too.

Mobile mechanic liability insurance

As standard, our policy comes with £2m public liability insurance cover. Added to that, we include damage to a vehicle that you’re working on (up to £5000) which is not standard on most liability insurance policies.

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What is typically covered by a Mobile Mechanics Insurance policy?

Every mobile mechanic is different, so it isn’t surprising that few policies are really ‘typical’ in practice.

However, there are a few features common to most or many policies:

  • Road risk cover – which can be particularly useful if you work out of your home
  • Carriage and/or recovery of vehicles cover – which protects against claims arising from transporting a vehicle
  • Portable hand tools insurance –  which protects all of the every day tools of your trade.

  • Machinery and fixtures and fittings cover – which protects all of the equipment in your vehicle.

But that list is not exhaustive! Many other protections are available if you need them, including personal property cover.

In particular, consider whether you might need mobile mechanics liability insurance.

Why choose Real insurance for your mobile mechanics insurance cover?

We are experts in the field, just as you are an expert in yours. We know the different ways mobile mechanics operate, and the risks they face. We can provide specialty cover designed for both those working from home or from a dedicated facility, and options too many to list here.

The point is, we can help you identify what you need from an insurance policy, and then help you get it at an excellent price.

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