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Insurance options for the Event Security sector is ever-changing, with insurers leaving the market and premiums changing we now have a minimum premium of £1,500. If your premiums are above this please discuss your requirements with is as we do have some excellent rates for the larger business

Who needs Event Security Insurance?

Whether you run your own events on your own premises, run an events management company with your own security staff, or act as a contractor, supplying event security teams to events, you need to consider a range of insurance covers for you business.

While exact requirements and indemnity limits vary from business to business, here are a number of covers that typically need including as standard when it comes to event security insurance.

Event security public liability insurance

By the very nature of your business, you come into contact with members of the public all the time. imagine you’re managing an event and you or a member of your team has to remove someone because they are causing a problem. If they were to be injured or suffer a loss in the process, or even just make that allegation, public liability can protect you from the costs of your legal defense as well as paying out any compensation that is deemed to be due.

Event security employers liability insurance

You are almost certainly going to need employers liability insurance in place for your event security team. If you have anyone working under your control – not just PAYE staff, but subcontractors or casual workers too – you are required by law to have the cover in place. It protects you in the event that a worker claims to have suffered a loss, illness or injury in connection with their work for you. As with public liability insurance, employers liability cover can pay out for any legal costs as well as any compensation payments.

Event security professional indemnity insurance

Particularly where you offer event security provision as a contractor, it’s likely that you will offer professioanl advice regarding the management and security arrangements of an event. Should your client allege or prove that your advice gave rise to a loss, professional indemnity cover can provide protection from teh costs of defending yourself as well as any compensation payout that is awarded.

What other cover could be included on an event security insurance policy?

Outside of the cover that you need in place for your event security activity, there are a range of general business insurance covers that you may also wish to consider. For example, you may operate the business from an office and require buildings and content insurance. You could have a range of business vehicles that you use for transporting staff and equipment, or for patrolling requirements.

There is also a range of niche covers that you could have a specific need for – ranging from wrongful arrest through to money cover and loss of keys.

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  • Event security employer’s liability cover

  • Event security public liability insurance

  • Event security professional indemnity insurance

  • Wronful arrest insurance

  • Efficacy and contractual liability insurance

  • Loss of keys / consequential loss following loss of keys cover

  • Fidelity bonding (Theft and dishonesty by an employee)

  • Legal expenses cover
  • Event security Directors and Officers Insurance

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