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Changes in the insurance market have meant that Close Protection Liability Insurance premiums have increased, this is unfortunate but with the reduced number of insurers at our disposal, we have found that our markets generally have premiums now starting around £3,000. If you are looking for alternative insurance quotes are currently paying more than this amount for your Close Protection Insurance policy please discuss your requirements with us.

Close protection liability insurance is designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals engaged professionally in close protection provision, surveillance work, residential surveillance teams (RST’s), as well as consultancy and training providers in the sector. Cover can be provided to businesses operating with in the UK or worldwide.

Who needs close protection liability insurance?

Close protection liability insurance cover can be flexible – and often has to be, given the nature of the work you’re likely to undertake – and a policy can be tailored to your businesses particular requirements. Typically, the three critical covers are employers liability, public liability and professional indemnity. However, we can help with a range of other requirements, including cover for vehicles and any specialist equipment that you are likely to use in your line of work.

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What cover is included on a close protection business insurance policy?

As already stated, we can arrange cover for all aspects of your business. No two close protection liability insurance policies need be the same. We can tailor not only the types of cover that you need, but also the level of cover that reflects your requirements. it’s likely that, when you undertake a contract for work, the client stipulates what they need you to have in place. We can help you understand those requirements, ensuring peace of mind and letting you get on with the work at hand.

There are three principle areas that a close protection business where a close protection business is likely to need cover. These are:

Close protection public liability insurance

This protects you from claims made by members of the public that they have suffered loss, injury or illness as a consequence of your business activities. Levels of cover can be adjusted to reflect your particular needs – or those stipulated by your contracts – typically upto £10m

Close protection employers liability insurance

A legal requirement for any business that has people working for it, even if only casually or part time, employers liability insurance protects you against costs where an employee claims to have suffered loss, illness or injury as a result of the work that they have undertaken for your business.

Close protection professional indemnity insurance

Particularly where you may be working in a consultative role, a client may make a claim that your advice was poor and has in some way led to a material loss. Professional indemnity insurance protects you from the legal costs of defending yourself (whether the case is proven or not) as well as providing for the costs of any compensation payout that is awarded against you.

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Other insurance for close protection businesses to consider

There is a range of other covers that are conceivably relevant to your business. It may be that you have an office that you work from, in which case buildings and contents cover may be required. It’s also likely that you have vehicle(s) that are used routinely for your work, together with specialist surveillance or other equipment that will need to be protected while you are on location. You can also include cover for loss of keys and cash in transit.

You may also wish to consider efficacy and contractual liability cover, which is designed to protect you from costs where a client claims that you have failed to carry out your work under contract with them, or offered wrongful advice.

The list really is potentially endless. As a professional insurance broker, we can help you understand what cover you may need in place and find appropriate levels of protection, leaving you to get on with running the business.

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